7 Anime Like Tiger & Bunny You Must Watch

‘Tiger & Bunny’ is a buddy-superhero action anime that centers upon the unique world of Stern Bild City, where some people are naturally gifted with supernatural abilities. Like any other complex society, some individuals use their privileges for the greater good while others see them just as means to achieve a twisted goal. Kotetsu T. Kaburagi is a veteran superhero who has failed to stand up to his high standards for quite some time because of his inability to cooperate with his peers. When everything is going south, he is paired with Barnaby Brooks Jr., a new hero who is nothing like him. But with the dark clouds rising above Stern Bild City, the duo join hands to fight for others, keeping their differences aside.

The action-packed anime is regarded as one of the most entertaining superhero series. People who have watched it and love the show will naturally wish to watch more anime similar to it. Therefore, we have made our own list of shows that fans of ‘Tiger & Bunny’ will probably enjoy. Most of these shows, like ‘Tiger & Bunny,’ are available for streaming on Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, Funimation, or Amazon Prime.

7. Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (2014)

The quiet world of demons, gods, and humans who peacefully coexist alongside each other fall apart when the land of Mistarcia is attacked by the ancient dragon Bahamut. By fighting alongside one another, the deities manage to seal the dangerous dragon by splitting the key to world peace in half. However, when the threat of its return looms large centuries later, a few valiant heroes regroup to fight for the greater good, just like the deuteragonists from ‘Tiger & Bunny.’ You can see the struggle between good and evil here.

6. Blood Blockade Battlefront (2015 – 2017)

When the portal between Earth and beyond is mysteriously opened, supernatural monsters and human beings get trapped in New York City by an impenetrable bubble. An organization named Libra ensures that the same situation does not happen in the rest of the world while keeping the city in order in light of the strange demographic change. Leonardo Watch, an ordinary boy, somehow gains unimaginable powers and soon joins Libra in an effort to fight for the greater good while unraveling the mysteries of the portal. You can watch the action-packed drama unfold here.

5. Zetman (2012)

Kouga Amagi fights for the greater good by using technology with a strong sense of justice as his aid. On the other hand, Jin Kanzaki is naturally gifted with the ability to become a superhuman being anytime he wants. Both of them fight against evil, so when monstrous abominations known as Players begin to attack mankind, the two find their fates strangely intertwined. As the mystery behind the Players is revealed, the high-stakes battle for humanity takes an unexpected turn as Jin and Kouga are forced to make a tough call.

4. Soul Eater (2008 – 2009)

At the prestigious Death Weapon Meister Academy, Death Scythes are raised to be eventually used in the fight against evil by the Shinigami. They can become powerful weapons under certain specific conditions, something Soul Eater Evans and his friends aspire to become someday. The show revolves around them as they protect their city from evil forces while collecting souls in the process. ‘Soul Eater’ revolves around teenagers with supernatural abilities just like ‘Tiger & Bunny.’ Furthermore, both have several breathtaking action scenes and feature several interesting characters that keep viewers interested from the start to the end. You can watch Evans and his friends in action here.

3. Samurai Flamenco (2013 – 2014)

Masayoshi Hazama grew up watching his favorite superhero characters save the world. Although most children forget about them after some time, Hazama is so deeply influenced by them that he becomes the gallant hero Samurai Flamenco after finishing his modeling job during the day. But unlike more superheroes, he possesses no powers but finds an unlikely ally in policeman Hidenori Gotou. Together they begin by fighting petty crime but soon find themselves on missions to save the world. Fans of ‘Tiger & Bunny’ who wish to watch shows about superheroes should definitely add ‘Samurai Flamenco’ to their watch list. The anime is accessible for streaming here.

2. One Punch Man (2015 – 2019)

Saitama has always dreamt of becoming a superhero from a very young age. Therefore, he trains himself relentlessly for three consecutive years to become so powerful that he can defeat any villain with just one punch. Unfortunately, being overpowered is rather dull as no one really puts up a fight against him. When he slowly gets bored of his repetitive and unchallenging missions, Saitama luckily manages to draw the attention of a 19-year-old cyborg named Genos, who convinces him to join the Hero Association for recognition and status. Just like the deuteragonist of ‘Tiger & Bunny,’ Saitama also lives in a world where heroes are ranked on the basis of their achievements, and the commercialization of superheroes is not looked down upon and is even encouraged. You can watch the series here.

1. My Hero Academia (2016 -)

In a world where 80 percent of humanity is born with newly discovered superpowers called quirks, Izuku Midoriya sadly fails to win the genetic lottery and is born powerless. However, he refuses to accept the painful reality and continues to do all he can to become a hero someday. His persistence finally gets him noticed by his personal idol, All Might, who passes on his superpowers to him. Now, equipped with the means to achieve greatness, Izuku joins the renowned hero training program at UA High and begins his long journey to become the hero he has always wanted to be.

As you can already figure out, both ‘My Hero Academia‘ and ‘Tiger & Bunny’ center upon a fictional world where superheroes are not only accepted but revered, and the entire act of fighting for the greater good is commercialized. In case you plan to watch Izuku in action along with countless other interesting characters, then you can head here.

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