Anka Hilgert: Nicky’s Sister is Married and a Pet Owner Today

In Netflix’s ‘Crime Scene Berlin: Nightlife Killer,’ the viewers are given a detailed account of the series of murders that shocked the entire city of Berlin to its core in 2012. What really sparked an extensive investigation into the crimes is the May 2012 murder of Nicky Miller, who was found murdered in a gay bar. Throughout the German true crime docuseries, Nicky’s sister Anka Hilgert expresses her grief and thoughts on the untimely and unexpected demise of her brother, making many of you interested in learning more about Anka and her whereabouts.

Anka Hilgert Was Quite Close to Her Deceased Brother

Anka Hilgert, who celebrates her birthday on September 6, was born and brought up in the German town of Wittstock. She seemingly grew up in a loving household with her parents and her brother Nicky Miller. Sharing a close-knit bond, the brother and sister had each other’s backs. So, when she found out about her brother’s sudden death, her world turned upside down. On May 5, 2012, Nicky’s lifeless body was found in the bathroom of a gay bar in Berlin — Grosse Freiheit 114. At first, the authorities found a few signs of strangulation but later, they discovered that he died due to an overdose of GHB or liquid ecstasy, given to him by Dirk.

Heartbroken and in shock, Anka recalled him as a beautiful person inside out. Liked by everyone around him, he had a habit of wearing a wig and pretending to be a woman in high heels, as per his sister’s claims. Hoping to find justice for her deceased brother, Anka wanted to punish the perpetrator Dirk by taking matters into her own hands. When Dirk did not apologize to anyone in the court, she was enraged by it. Anka also claimed that her brother made her stronger, in the sense that she learned to think for herself, a quality that she didn’t possess before.

Where is Anka Hilgert Now?

A few years into Nicky’s murder, in 2015, Anka Hilgert moved right back to where her life began — the town of Wittstock. Although she was still grieving the loss of her beloved brother, it did not stop her from getting ahead in life. In September 2019, she got a job at StellaMed, a Home healthcare service situated in Wittstock. It provides competent care for people in and around Wittstock, focusing on the requirements and well-being of the patients. In the meantime, Anka found the love of her life — Janet (nickname Netti). Once they got to know each other for a long time, the couple got engaged on June 24, 2020.

A year or so later, Anka and Janet became pet owners as they brought a dog into their home and named him Schatz. With the dog’s birthday falling in November, the engaged couple celebrated Schatz’s first birthday in 2022. Almost three years into their engagement, Anka and Janet Hilgert finally tied the knot on March 23, 2023. Their marriage was a close affair, which took place in the presence of their loved ones. The two embark on adventurous holidays with Schatz as Janet clicks photographs and captures their happy memories. Although more than a decade has passed since she lost her brother Nicky Miller, she still regularly pays a visit to his grave and reminisces about the old and happy times.

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