Antonio Neill: What Happened to Him? How Did He Die?

Image Credit: Antonio Neill/Facebook

On August 20, 2007, beachcombers came across the first of the many severed feet on the shore of the Salish Sea. After that, at least 20 more detached human feet in sneakers were discovered on different shores of the Salish Sea, including in British Columbia and Washington. The episode titled ‘Floating Feet of Salish Sea’ of Netflix’s ‘Files of the Unexplained’ delves deep into the mysterious appearances of human feet along the coastlines while focusing mostly on the discovery of Antonio Neill’s foot.

Antonio Neill Went Missing After an Altercation With His Friend

Born in the late 1990s in Everett, Washington, to Jenny Doboszynski, Antonio Jordan Neill AKA Tony went to Aces High School, from where he graduated in 2012. Apart from his academics, he also focused on various sports and other extra-curricular activities. For instance, he had a hobby of skateboarding and snowboarding. Antonio also liked to play guitar in his free time. Growing up, he fell in the company of a bad bunch of crowd, who were known for using recreational drugs. Soon, he began indulging in hard drugs, such as meth and heroin.

Image Credit: Antonio Neill/Facebook

In May 2016, Antonio bagged his first job at Ace Metal Company, where he was employed as an Electronic Processor. After his stint ended in a few months, in September, he served as a roofer at Commercial Industrial Roofing from October 2016. Around the same time, he was caught in a DOC violation and arrested for the same. While he was in jail for about a month or so, he detoxed. But unfortunately, he found out that his uncle Anthony had passed away due to sepsis and heart failure. Since Antonio was particularly close to him, it was hard to deal with his loss all alone in jail.

Finally, 22-year-old Antonio was released from prison on December 11, 2016. His mother, Jenny, picked him up and brought him to her place, but he reportedly spent the night at one of his friends’ house. Upon returning to his mother’s house the following morning, on December 12, 2016, they went to get a new driver’s license and cell phone for him, along with other errands. Reports suggested that he had contacted his friend Andrew Okey to see if it would be alright for him to crash at his place, which was in the 2400 block of Cedar Street in Everett, until he found a place of his own. Andrew agreed and later that evening, he picked Antonio up from Jenny’s house. That was the last time Jenny saw her son alive and well.

Antonio Neill’s Remains Were Found on the Shore of Jetty Island

When Antonio did not contact Jenny, she found out that Antonio and Andrew had gotten into a fight under the influence. The former allegedly attacked Andrew and fled from the house. About a couple of weeks after Antonio was last seen by anyone, Jenny reported him missing. Then, the authorities launched an extensive search for him. Since there were about seven people residing in Andrew’s house, the investigators held interviews with each of them, who claimed that they did not witness any altercation between Antonio and Andrew. But they believed that Andrew had something to do with Antonio’s disappearance. Sooner rather than later, Antonio’s 2000 Volkswagen Jetta was found abandoned in Lynnwood by the authorities.

In January 2017, when the investigators searched Andrew’s house for any clues about Antonio’s whereabouts, they seemingly found blood on different parts and items of Andrew’s room, including the carpet, the wall, the closet wall, the bed mattress, the window sill, and more. However, when they tested it in the lab, the diluted traces of blood found in the room did not match Antonio’s DNA at all. Moreover, Andrew passed a polygraph test. After a couple of years, on January 1, 2019, some beachcombers on Jetty Island discovered a severed foot inside a Timberland boot, which was later confirmed to be Antonio’s.

Soon, the authorities were called to the scene Based on the foot of Antonio, the authorities could not confirm the cause and manner of his death. But the police continued to search for other parts of his body in and around the area where they found his severed foot. While there had been claims that Antonio might have died by suicide, his mother failed to believe that he would do that. In order to get financial help for Antonio’s funeral expenses, his loved ones have set up a GoFundMe page. Moreover, a Facebook page called Missing Antonio Neill was made to raise more awareness about him. The family and authorities have set a reward of up to $1000 for anyone who provides them with significant details of Antonio’s body’s whereabouts.

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