Are Abbot and Aimee Dead in Sweet Tooth Season 2?

Developed by Jim Mickle from the comic book series of the same name by Jeff Lemire, Netflix’s ‘Sweet Tooth’  follows a human-deer hybrid boy named Gus (Christian Convery), who sets out to search for the woman he believes is his mother following the death of his supposed father. Gus belongs to a world where 98% of the human population has been eradicated during a catastrophic event known as the Great Crumble, caused by a deadly disease known as the Sick. In the aftermath of the disintegration of society and government as we know it, feudal leaders and their militia groups emerged.

One such man is General Douglas Abbot (Neil Sandilands), the leader of the Last Men, intent on hunting down the hybrids in a desperate search for a cure. And then, there are people like Aimee Eden (Dania Ramirez), a former therapist who becomes the mother figure in the lives of several hybrid children. If you are wondering whether Abbot and Aimee are dead at the end of ‘Sweet Tooth’ season 2, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Abbot’s Tragic Fate

Yes, Abbot is dead in the second season of ‘Sweet Tooth.’ Toward the end of season 1, the Last Men take over Aimee’s Preserve, turning it back into a zoo for her children. Abbot also captures Gus, seriously injures Jepp, and brings Dr. Aditya Singh (Adeel Akhtar) and his wife, Rani, to the zoo.

When Singh develops a booster shot by sacrificing one of the hybrid children, Abbot uses it as a propaganda tool, despite knowing it’s not a cure. He goes from town to town and uses the booster shot to suppress the symptoms in a patient of the Sick, earning the support of the locals, which leads to several enthusiastic youths joining the Last Men. Abbot and his people then take the infected out of the town and kill him.

After Singh and Abbot erroneously come to believe that the former has developed a cure, Abbot hosts a meeting with the three most powerful feudal leaders of the region and nearly convinces them to work together to create a gated community together. However, Gus comes out and reveals to these leaders that hybrids are being used to develop the cure. Eventually, one of the leaders, Helen Zhang, kills the other two and their people and agrees to make a deal with Abbot.

Image Credit: Kirsty Griffin/Netflix

Aimee tricks Abbot and the Last Men into abandoning the zoo after dropping on them the plastic purple flowers from planes, making them believe that they are being attacked with containers carrying the Sick virus. By the time Abbot realizes the truth, Aimee and Jepp have managed to get their children out safely.

Abbot eradicates the Animal Army, but not before learning that the hybrids are in Yellowstone. He even kills his own brother when the latter tries to make him see that his actions are futile. Abbot fights with Jepp and takes advantage of the other man’s bad leg. He rams through Aimee’s defenses to get to Gus. However, as he is about to kill Gus, the young boy inadvertently calls on a herd of buffalos, which flattens everything around the boy, including Abbot. Before dying, Abbot shoots Gus with a crossbow bolt, but he survives.

Aimee Dies in Season 2

Yes, Aimee is dead in the second season of ‘Sweet Tooth.’ After being forcefully separated from her children, Aimee spends the entire season getting back to them. She saves Jepp, knowing if they work together, they have a better chance of getting their children out safely. They reach out to the Sky Lords and convince them to help them in exchange for a promise of the spoils of war. Aimee and Jepp have a falling out after the latter confesses about the things he had done as a hybrid hunter. But they later make amends as they rescue their children from Abbot’s clutches. Aimee finds her way to Singh’s lab and gradually realizes what has transpired there. Horrified, she sets fire to the lab. Toward the end of episode 6, Aimee discovers that she has contracted the Sick.

Image Credit: Kirsty Griffin/Netflix

As they head toward Yellowstone, Aimee lets Jepp know the truth. She later speaks to Wendy and says goodbyes to the rest of her children. Aimee passes away from the Sick a few days after the battle with the Last Men and before Gus regains consciousness.

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