Are Chazz and Branwin From Love After Lockup Still Together?

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WeTV’s ‘Love After Lockup’ follows couples as they face a complex path of love since one is in jail, and the other awaits them outside. They continue to correspond via letters, and both individuals meet their possible companions for the first time after they are out free. However, any relationship may suffer due to the adjustment period required to reintegrate into society because life after prison can be difficult. Thus, their partnership withstands the test for their future together even as one partner adjusts to life outside.

Chazz Harbison and Branwin Jones appeared in season 4 of the reality show, and they had a tumultuous and awkward relationship from the go. They also encountered many other complications throughout their journey in the show. As viewers have been invested in their relationship, it is natural for them to wonder if they are still together. If you’re curious to know more, here’s everything we found out!

Chazz and Branwin’s Love After Lockup Journey

Chazz and Branwin began talking two years before they could meet for the first time. The latter was reportedly arrested for aggravated identity theft and spent three years in jail. Yet, according to her, she got into lockup because of bad timing in the wrong place on her part. Nevertheless, she was fortunate to meet Chazz online, and he was willing to take a chance on her. He had previously been married four times, so he was eager to see if the fifth time would be the charm.

The couple decided to get married even before Branwin was out of jail to show they were committed to each other. Hence, they rushed to a park when she was released and married. Although, they resided in different states as she had to spend the final four months of her detention in Portland, Oregon. Interestingly, Chazz and Branwin’s relationship was awkward from the beginning, as he was eager to consummate their marriage, but the latter was hesitant because of her anxiety.

Branwin had difficulty adjusting to her environment outside the prison and the new person in her life. Nevertheless, her husband remained patient and said that all the money he spent buying her an engagement ring, expensive clothes, shoes, and a phone, and all the time he waited for her was worth it.

As time passed, Branwin still panicked when the couple met at a hotel and went back home, as she mentioned that she was never sober when she was intimate before. Moreover, she has a 19-year-old daughter named Arienne, who worked as a dancer. Branwin preferred spending time with her as she wanted to compensate for the time she lost over the years.

Despite the reality TV star wanting to relocate to Kentucky with Chazz to renew her life away from her previous troubles, she indicated not wanting to leave her daughter and friends when the move came closer. Gradually, differences between Chazz and Branwin further increased. The latter was seen meeting her ex-boyfriend, Aaron, and doubts about their future rose in both her and her husband’s minds. Naturally, fans wonder if Chazz and Branwin have parted ways, and we are here to answer the same!

Are Chazz and Branwin Still Together?

Unfortunately, Chazz and Branwin are not together anymore. The former has clarified on his part that they have split, as he has changed his relationship status on social media to “separated.” Although things were complicated for him and Branwin on the show, the two did seem interested in making it work initially. Albeit, their differences became more pronounced as they tried to get better acquainted with each other. While Branwin was hesitant to get closer to Chazz, the latter seemed in a hurry to take things forward.

Nevertheless, Chazz got the biggest shock when he discovered that Branwin had allegedly resumed her work as an escort. Reports suggest that she worked under the pseudonym Bailee Bane and posted the ad herself. Thus, Chazz has reportedly filed for an annulment from his new bride as he has likely reached his boiling point in their relationship. On top of that, Branwin might be back in jail after being arrested for theft in Oregon. It isn’t clear how long her sentence may be, but her separation from her husband has supposedly taken a toll on her.

On the other hand, Chazz keeps updating his followers on his social media platform about his life and his latest gigs, as he is a part-time professional guitarist. Nonetheless, it is certain that the pair got separated by the end of their stint on the show and have now gone their independent ways. Yet, hearing about Branwin’s latest news, Chazz did make a public statement, wishing the best for her and hoping for positive changes in her life. As both move on with their lives, we only wish them joy and peace in the coming days.

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