Are Evelyn Foley and Mike McLusky Together in Mayor of Kingstown?

‘Mayor of Kingstown’ delves into a grimy world where the lines between crime and regular life are blurred. At the center of it all is Mike McLusky, who acts as a go-between to ensure the tenuous balance between the criminal gangs and police remains relatively undisturbed. So far, we have only seen the hot-tempered powerbroker handle business, with no inkling of a personal life. However, there does seem to be a connection between him and Assistant District Attorney Evelyn Foley. So, just how serious are things between the two? Let’s take a look. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Are Evelyn Foley and Mike McLusky Together?

We first see the connection between Evelyn and Mike during a furtive lovemaking session in a workplace bathroom. The two then wordlessly part ways and the next time we see them together is under very different circumstances. Evelyn is called to the scene of Kyle McLusky’s messy shootout, where he and fellow police officer Ian are being questioned for their heavy-handed use of guns against a single individual.

In public, Mike and Evelyn pretend to have an entirely professional relationship and get into a heated discussion about Kyle’s case. However, Evelyn also significantly bends the rules for Mike, allowing him to plant drugs on the victim so that the young McLusky brother’s alibi sounds more believable. For an Assistant District Attorney, this is a pretty serious indiscretion, and it seems to stem from a mix of respect and affection that Evelyn has for Mike.

However, if things between the two seem too cozy, don’t be fooled! The third time we see them meet, this time over dinner, Evelyn makes it clear that Mike is the last person she would ever want to be romantically involved with. It doesn’t help that the McLusky brother shows up with a swollen face after being involved in a brawl, but the sentiment goes deeper. Evelyn sees their relationship purely as physical and tells Mike as much.

Surprisingly, this is one of the few times we see Mike walk away wordlessly. It seems like the powerbroker has some feelings for Evelyn, but the latter is not interested in romantic relationships, especially one with Mike. Seeing how chaotic Mike’s life is, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

However, we cannot write off the two becoming a couple down the line, as Mike and Evelyn will likely be seeing a lot of each other as they navigate the criminal-ridden underbelly of Kingstown. Considering Evelyn works in the District Attorney’s office and Mike is essentially a spokesperson for the criminal gangs, the encounters between the two will continue to be dramatic, making a potential relationship between them all the more intriguing.

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