Are Kody and Christine Still Together? Sister Wives Update

Kody Brown’s unconventional love life gained tremendous traction ever since TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ landed on television. In his quest to attain his ideal version of a family, he chanced upon Christine Allred, and the two tied the knot shortly after. A big reason why Christine and Kody seem perfect for each other is their similar views on life and marriage. Despite facing several hardships, they have remained strong for the most part. With honesty and love being important aspects of their relationship, it is easy to imagine them spending the rest of their lives together. However, the truth is far from it. If you’re curious to know whether they are still together, we have a few updates!

Kody and Christine: Sister Wives Journey

Ever since the premiere of ‘Sister Wives,’ Christine has been vocal about her expectations from a romantic partner or husband. Being raised in a polygamous family, she has always been abundantly certain about being a part of a plural marriage in adulthood. As per her statement, she wanted to be in the company of sister wives as well besides her husband. Along with that, she preferred being someone’s third wife. So her dreams turned into reality when she became the third person to be wedded to Kody Brown, a firm believer in polygamy.

Kody Brown was introduced to the practice of polygamy through his father, who adopted it during his 40s. Kody followed suit and ended up marrying four women, although he is legally wedded to one of them. His other three marriages, including his relationship with Christine, were considered “spiritual unions,” solely approved by the church. The couple got married in March 1994 when Christine was 21 years old. One year later, she gave birth to her daughter Aspyn. In June 1996, they welcomed their second daughter, Mykelti, followed by Christine’s first son, Paedon, in August 1998.

Over the next few years, the couple ended up having three more children – Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely. Likewise, their marriage had remained a smooth affair for the most part. Christine’s particular expectations about being the third wife remained unchallenged until Kody married his fourth wife, Robyn. The addition of another wife 16 years into Christine and Kody’s marriage did not sit well with her. In March 2021, She said she didn’t feel like an “equal partner” anymore. Christine felt like her opinions were being neglected even during the most crucial times.

Despite celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary with a lot of love, their marriage hit an all-time low in season 15 of the show when Christine made her annoyance known to everyone. She even stopped being a part of their family outings and was frustrated because of limited physical contact with her husband. Kody further disappointed Christine when he failed to show up for her daughter, Ysabel, in New Jersey as she underwent serious medical surgery. Both the women were extremely sad because of it. In August 2021, when Christine became certain that things would not get better, she decided to sell the property in Flagstaff that she had bought with Kody. Subsequently, she moved to Utah in October the same year.

Are Kody and Christine Still Together?

Even after spending 25 years together, Kody and Christine decided to part ways in November 2021. She shared her sentiments through a post on Instagram without harboring resentment or ill feelings for her ex-partner. She further stated that the couple will always be on good terms with each other and continue to parent their beautiful kids together. Kody’s succeeding statement ran along similar lines, so we can deduce that they still share a strong bond. Christine’s life post-divorce seems to be flourishing, and fans might be glad to know that she wants to maintain her friendship with Kody.

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