Are Leuh Terrigino and Justin Croom From Catfish Still Together?

Authenticity is a real issue when it comes to online dating, as one can never be sure of the person’s identity through the screen. Borrowing its name from the eponymous 2010 movie, MTV’s ‘Catfish‘ aims at solving this very problem by helping people find the truth about their significant other, whom they have never met in real life. The show follows certain individuals who contact the host and use their help to unmask and even meet their online partners face to face.

Interestingly, Leuh Terrigino and Justin Croom, who appeared on season 5 of the show, had quite an eccentric love story that seemed to end on a happy note. Naturally, fans got quite invested in their lives, and now that the cameras are turned away, they want to know if they are still together. Well, we come bearing answers!

Leuh and Justin’s Catfish Journey

Like any other Catfish couple, Justin and Leuh met online through Instagram and soon developed feelings for each other. Initially, they communicated only on the social media platform but soon resorted to talking for hours on voice calls. However, Justin began showing signs of being a catfish as he absolutely refused to appear on a video call. Thus, although Leuh was sure of Justin’s gender, she had no idea if he was the same person the pictures presented him to be.

Further doubt about Justin’s identity rose in Leuh’s mind when she flew to his hometown while visiting colleges, and he began making excuses for not being able to meet her face to face. After almost two years of talking online, such behavior seemed highly suspicious. Thus, Leuh contacted ‘Catfish’ hosts Nev and Max, asking them to look into the matter.

Once Nev and Max began running their background checks on Justin, they were surprised to find that every detail about him turned out to be true. The hosts even remarked that no one else had been confirmed to be an actual person this fast. However, the seemingly perfect surface soon gave way to trouble as Justin’s friend, Todd, said he had never heard of someone called Leuh. Besides, Justin also seemed involved with another girl named Jamie, who had no idea about Leuh and was devastated to learn about her.

Soon after, Justin cut all contact with Leuh and even stopped replying to her texts. Finding no other way, Nev and Max then took Leuh and flew her over to Justin’s home state of California (Leuh is originally from New York). Once at his home, the trio met Justin’s father, but the man of the hour was nowhere to be found. Ultimately, the following day, Todd took the group to a nearby beach where Justin was seemingly hiding away.

Are Justin and Leuh Still Together?

When confronted, Justin claimed that he wanted to keep things private and didn’t want to end up on the show. He further stated that he was in a relationship with Jamie when Leuh flew over to see him, thus forcing him to ghost her. However, he affirmed to have broken up since then, and the two were quite happy to meet each other finally. There was also talk about marriage, making fans speculate that Justin and Leuh might stand the test of time.

Unfortunately, Justin and Leuh’s relationship is now a closed chapter as both have gone their separate ways. Following their appearance on the show, the pair were going strong, and reports stated that Leuh moved to California in order to be close to her boyfriend. It seemed like Leuh and Justin were deeply in love, and they even celebrated their anniversary through heartwarming posts on social media.

Image Credit: Justin Croom/Facebook

However, in a shocking turn of events, Leuh went public with their sudden breakup in 2016 and wrote, “ive learned so much in this past year but most importantly is that you cant turn an internet man slut into a boyfriend..” Since then, Leuh and Justin have preferred a life of privacy and kept away from the public sphere. Residing in San Diego, California, Leuh now appears to be single and is enjoying life with her friends. On the flip side, Justin still seems to be living in his hometown of Huntington Beach. And while he prefers to keep his relationship status under wraps, his Facebook profile states that he is divorced.

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