Michael and Angie Ballard: Is the Full Throttle Saloon Duo Still Together?

Chronicling the operational overload of Full Throttle Saloon bar in Sturgis, South Dakota, the eponymous reality TV show features the activities of the world’s largest biker bar. A landmark since 1999, the bar includes a tattoo parlor, zip lines, a wrestling ring, restaurants, cabins, and much more. Showcasing the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally that brings about 20,000 guests each night, ‘Full Throttle Saloon’ offers a peak into the lifestyle of bikers to the audiences.

Aside from the wondrous spectacle of engine and throttle that sees half a million bikers within a week are the two people who enamored viewers — Michael Ballard and Angie Ballard. The couple, who operates the popular bar, has continued to be fan favorites. Many wonder about the couple’s latest whereabouts.

Michael and Angie’s Full Throttle Saloon Journey

The Full Throttle Saloon isn’t just a landmark for bike riders worldwide but a popular destination for visitors across the States. With numerous in-house facilities and a commitment to deliver the best to their customers, couple Michael and Angie Ballard made it their mission to keep their business growing. While Michael had been in the business for over 10 years, Angie later became co-proprietor with their partner, Jesse James Dupree.

When Michael and Angie tied the knot in season 4, fans and viewers speculated whether or not the two would see it through. While many were perturbed by the age gap between Michael and Angie, others felt that the relationship was set for disaster, especially because Michael asked for a prenup before marriage. Moreover, fans didn’t believe their marriage would last long, especially because Michael had spent too much time wooing Angie to get a date.

As such, even when Angie announced her pregnancy in season 5, many hoped that the two would eclipse such rumors and continue to stay strong. However, fate had other plans for the couple and their bar. Season 6 revealed that a massive fire broke out and destroyed the Full Throttle Saloon in September 2015. While a pinched power cord to a keg of refrigeration ignited a cardboard box and did away with their years of hard work, many believed that it would be the ultimate test for the couple.

However, even though the place wasn’t insured and they lost everything, Michael and Angie did not deter and rebuilt another Full Throttle Saloon just outside of Sturgis, South Dakota, spread across 600 acres. Naturally, fans wonder whether the couple has since been divorced or separated. Let’s find out!

Michael and Angie are Still Devoted to Each Other

Yes, Michael and Angie Ballard are still together. Despite speculations and a lack of online presence, the couple is going strong. The news of Angie’s pregnancy was revealed on the show. The couple shared pictures of their sonograms with their fans on social media. After giving birth to their daughter Emillie Grace Lynn Ballard in 2014, Angie continues supporting her husband’s venture with her special feature, Angieland, a bar with a waist-high deck.

While their Full Throttle Saloon continues to house more than 10,000 people every night, their specialty remains their hospitality and ability to deliver the best brands of beer. The couple continues to support each other in their ventures and is still based in Sturgis, South Dakota, where they host rallies and bikers throughout the year. In addition to contributing to their booming business, Angie also runs an online arts and crafts store called Blue House Quilt and Craft.

Not only does the entrepreneur function as an online store, but she also regularly conducts Facebook Lives to showcase her products extensively. Even her husband, Michael, is supportive of her venture and regularly updates their Facebook page, letting fans and viewers know about their latest updates.

Naturally, even though many rumors and speculations arose about their relationship, Michael and Angie have showcased that their love is unfettered and remains strong even in the face of adversity. From overcoming the loss of their business and building another landmark from the ground up to raising their daughter too, the couple has showcased that little can come in the face of innate connection, making fans await their journey and success even more.

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