Are TikTok Stars Ondreaz and Hannah Dating?

The viewers go gaga over celebrities after watching their dancing videos and entertaining content, but as a matter of fact, nothing sells better than an adorable love story. For those who live under the rock, Ondreaz Lopez is a popular TikToker with over 20 million followers. He rose to fame as a part of a YouTube channel called ‘Lopez Brothers,’ which co-features his sibling, Tony. Ondreaz recently made headlines after his kissing video with model Hannah Stocking went viral.

Initially, she started her journey as a mimicry artist on Vine but quickly garnered immense love and support after showcasing various skills on other social media platforms. Hannah has over 18 million followers on Instagram. Many people have invested themselves in the “Handreaz” plot, but are the fellow influencers really dating? Let’s find out!

Are Ondreaz and Hannah Dating?

Except for the staged proposals and lovey-dovey pictures, what else can drive one to conclude that Ondreaz and Hannah are dating? As both are social media influencers, there is probably no one else who understands the “click-bait” business better than them. But shortly after their followers began compiling their favorite celebrities’ TikTok videos and rooting for them, the duo has been smartly using the same technique on them. Most of their seemingly mushy posts, when opened, humorously turn out to be a caricature of the sentimental moment.

Fans began linking Hannah to one of the oldest Hype House members after they featured in each other’s TikToks. Both found it fascinating to serve this idea on a platter to their dedicated fanbase. Hannah Stocking started poking fun at the rampant “shippers” after releasing a YouTube video on September 25, 2020, titled, “AM I DATING ONDREAZ LOPEZ? (the truth exposed).” The entire skit points at the ridiculous possibility of them dating after having met only once.

From standing at his front door in the rain (in this case, artificial rain-effect by a water truck) to blurting cheesy lines like, “You’re basically me” and “I miss you when I blink,” it all seems like a ruse. Cleverly, the TikTok star has made it in the form of a vlog, which is supposed to be a recording of one’s everyday real-life activities, thus leading everyone to believe in the authenticity of their story. For another YouTube video, “HANNAH STOCKING AND ONDREAZ LOPEZ ARE ENGAGED?!” published on October 2, 2020, she turned every cliché proposal style into a hilarious stint, ending in a major goof-up.

The 28-year-old Vine expert seems to have put her acting skills to her best use when she goes down on one knee for her man. Hannah made it grand by proposing Ondreaz under a NYC billboard, which showed their pictures, names, and “Ondreaz Will You Marry Me?” alongside. The so-called couple kept their fans hooked with an impeccable yet farcical storyline of Stocking’s ring falling into a drain, but Ondreaz presented another from his pocket. Undoubtedly, the joke’s on people who still believe that the two are dating in real life.

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