Are Biniyam And Ariela From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

‘The Other Way’, according to us, is the most intense subset from the ’90 Day Fiance’ franchise. Why you might ask. What happens here is, one partner leaves the security of his/her home in America and lands in a foreign country in the search of love. And this automatically translates to a low success rate. In spite of the dismal future that awaits the couples, season 2 does a great job of introducing us to more relatable reality stars. One such pair is Biniyam and Ariela — who like almost everyone in the show have had a fair amount of struggle. So, did they manage to overcome the barriers and stick together? What’s their current status? Read on to know.

Biniyam And Ariela: 90 Day Fiance Journey

In the show, Ariela Danielle, a native of Princeton, New Jersey, reaches Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, to start a family with Biniyam Shibre, someone she still needs to know better. Their love story started off in 2019 when the writer and explorer, following her divorce, decided to travel the world and heal herself. This is where her path crossed with the martial artist/ dancer/ choreographer/ gymnast/ artist/ personal trainer Biniyam. The two instantly made a connection and after staying together for several days, Ariela returned to New Jersey.

In ‘The Other Way’, the reality star is seen discovering that she is pregnant and decides to reunite with Biniyam to be together for the birth of their baby. Ariela lands in Ethiopia with her mum and Biniyam is excited about his child’s arrival. But his living conditions do not seem apt for a just-born child or a wife. Biniyam lives in a one-bedroom house with his brother and sister-in-law. His parents had passed away when he was still young and he also has a son with his ex-wife — who returned to the US after having stayed with him for four years.

Under these conditions, it is pretty understandable if Ariela (following the show’s filming) eventually decided to ditch her idea of staying back in Ethiopia. Or was the couple’s love strong enough to hold them together? Read on!

Are Ariela And Biniyam Still Together?

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to conclude if Biniyam and Ariela are still together. Both of the reality stars have been extremely tight-lipped about their relationship status on social media. And this is expected since TLC, like most other channels, follows a no spoilers rule. Since Ariela was several months pregnant when she reached Ethiopia in September 2019, she should be a mother by now. But her Insta handle does not even have any pictures of her baby. Her feed is packed with posts from her trip to Ethiopia but these are all throwback memories.

Ariela did post an update on planning to lose her extra baby weight; which means that her child is already here! She wrote: “I love that they used this picture on tonight’s episode of The Other Way. When I see it I am motivated to lose the last 10 lbs of baby weight.” But any of her profiles do not give away her current location. Hence, we cannot say if she is currently in the US or Ethiopia.

A glance at Biniyam’s handle and even that search yielded similar results. However, all of his posts are tagged from Ethiopia, which might point to the fact that he is still in his home country.

But it is a bit unlikely for Ariela to be staying with him after being appalled at his living conditions. Additionally, because of Biniyam’s history with his ex American wife where he needed an emergency visa to come to the US, it means that he is not a good candidate for a K1 visa. So if the couple had decided to stay together, they should be in Ethiopia. Well, stay tuned! We will revisit this page when we receive further news about the pair.

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