Ashanti, Jasmine and Tyshemia’s Esrever Wines: Everything We Know

Ashanti Jasmine and Tyshemia's Esrever Wines From I Quit

Discovery Channel’s ‘I Quit’ follows a group of founders who embark upon a journey to the unknown by quitting their regular jobs, swapping their inhibitions with determination to take their small businesses to the next level. Throughout the series, the individuals are assisted by three accomplished tycoons – Debbie Sterling, Harley Finkelstein, and Tricia Clarke-Stone – who help them to navigate the rough waters and deal with the challenges involved in entrepreneurship. Ashanti, Jasmine, and Tyshemia, co-founders of a black-owned wine business appear on the show to learn the tricks of the trade. In case you’re wondering about who they are along with the current status of their business, we have got you covered.

Who are Ashanti, Jasmine, and Tyshemia?

Born and raised in Queens, New York, Ashanti Middleton, Tyshemia Ladson, and Jasmine Dunn have been best friends for over 25 years. They have practically grown up together, which is why the trio shares a sisterly bond. Over eight to nine years ago, the three were simply brainstorming business ideas over a wine-and-chill session and that’s when they coined the name of their future wine brand – Esrever. In case you still haven’t figured, ESREVER is actually REVERSE spell backward!

Ashanti Jasmine and Tyshemia's Esrever Wines From I Quit

After over five years of dormancy, in November of 2017, Ashanti, Jasmine, and Tyshemia sat down to germinate the idea into a working business. And six months later, Esrever legally became Esrever wines and enjoyed its first public tasting event. Since 2018, the brand has been going from strength to strength. However, they don’t grow their wines. The wine business gives orders to a vineyard located in Lodi California, in the San Joaquin Valley of Northern California. As the founders of an entirely Black-owned wine brand, Ashanti, Jasmine, and Tyshemia aim to set an example for the upcoming generation that to set up your own wine business, one doesn’t necessarily have to go by the traditional route.

Esrever Wines Update

If we go by the social media profile, it appears that only Ashanti has chosen to devote all her time to Esrever Wines. Although her Linked In profile states that she still visits various restaurants, tries lip-smacking dishes and interview restaurant owners under her review series ‘Taste & Toast with Ashanti Middleton,’ there hasn’t been a new episode in months, which confirms the previous fact.

Meanwhile, Tyshemia and Jasmine have private accounts, making it difficult for us to garner current information about their whereabouts. As far as the popularity and success of Esrever Wines are concerned, the wine brand has been thriving. Their distribution chain has been spreading across the United States and they currently serve various wine shops in Brooklyn, Bermuda, Wilmington, New Castle, Escondido, Claymont, and New York.

The company has been working towards adding some fresh and crisp flavors to their exquisite collection of wine. As you taste their Sparkling White Wine Chardonnay & Chenin Blanc Blend, you can enjoy the notes of Yellow Apple, Vanilla and Pineapple, enough to satiate your palette. Esrever Wines will soon launch their Muscat Canelli, which is a concoction of 100% Moscato and orange zest.

Going by their ever-increasing growth, it looks like all the spotlight from the show has worked in favor of Ashanti, Jasmine, and Tyshemia’s business, Esrever Wines, and we don’t see them stopping anyone soon.

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