Ashley Pearson: Where is the Formerly Accused Now?

In September 2018, Ashley Pearson’s neighbor alerted 911, reporting that her boyfriend, Kyle Hill, had been stabbed. Upon arrival, police discovered Ashley as the perpetrator, although she claimed self-defense for herself and her 2-year-old daughter. Initially accepted, her explanation was challenged in 2022 when Kyle’s autopsy revealed incriminating evidence. Subsequently, Ashley faced second-degree murder charges. A&E’s episode ‘Murderous Mother or Protective Parent?’ on ‘Accused: Guilty or Innocent?’ scrutinizes this evidence and Ashley’s defense to ascertain her guilt or innocence.

Ashley Pearson was Arrested Four Years After Her Boyfriend’s Murder

Ashley Pearson, born to Mark and Angelia Pearson, was hailed by her parents as a driven and determined individual from a young age. They witnessed her resilience and ability to excel in any circumstance, leading her to achieve milestones such as acquiring her own house and car and assuming responsibility for her children from her teenage years. In 2012, Ashley crossed paths with Kyle Hill, who brought laughter and companionship into her life after a prolonged period of friendship. Their relationship blossomed, and they officially became a couple in early 2017 after five years of knowing each other.

Shortly after their relationship began, Ashley alleged that she began experiencing domestic violence perpetrated by Kyle. In September 2017, she sought medical attention at the emergency room for injuries to her face. Subsequently, on June 13, 2018, she made another hospital visit due to a broken jaw, followed by an urgent care visit on July 10, 2018, for a fractured eye socket. Despite living with Kyle and sharing a daughter with him, Ashley never disclosed to the hospital staff that he had caused these injuries.

At approximately 2:30 a.m. on September 15, 2018, Ashley’s neighbor, Melissa Stewart, contacted 911, reporting that Kyle had been stabbed. Kyle was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to a stab wound to the heart within 90 minutes. Ashley was at home with her four children at the time of the incident. She informed the police officers that she was responsible for stabbing Kyle, explaining that he had returned home intoxicated and engaged in an argument with her over leftover food. Ashley claimed that Kyle had assaulted her by slamming her head onto the table and punching the back of her head.

According to Ashley, her two-year-old daughter entered the room during the altercation, prompting Kyle to advance aggressively towards the child. Feeling panicked, Ashley grabbed a knife to intimidate him but claims she doesn’t remember how she ended up stabbing him in the chest. She recounted lifting his shirt to assess the wound and then called Kyle’s mother, instructing her to contact 911. Kyle’s mother then contacted Melissa, requesting her to check on the couple, as she preferred not to involve the police. Ashley was subsequently arrested, and her statement was taken on September 17. She was released with no charges, as the police believed she was telling the truth.

In August 2022, Ashley was arrested at her residence on charges of second-degree murder. The police had revisited Kyle’s autopsy report, revealing a stab wound on his arm consistent with a defensive injury. Additionally, authorities claimed to have discovered a knife in Ashley’s garbage bag, while the shirt she alleged Kyle wore during the altercation was never found in the house. These findings led investigators to suspect Ashley of attempting to tamper with evidence, suggesting malicious intent in Kyle’s death.

Ashley Pearson Currently Works as a Victim Advocate

After posting a $25,000 bond, Ashley Pearson was released from prison, but Child Protective Services (CPS) prevented her from residing with her children. They stayed with her mother for approximately four months before she regained custody. Ashley’s defense attorney began building her case, uncovering a history of abuse endured during her relationship with Kyle Hill. During a pre-trial hearing, Melissa Stewart testified, affirming the abuse she witnessed and Kyle’s violent behavior. Consequently, the judge granted the defense’s request, leading to the dismissal of murder charges against Ashley in September 2023.

In February 2020, Ashley endured the loss of her son, Walleyes, who fell victim to a vicious dog attack. Despite grappling with feelings of inadequacy in protecting him, she finds solace in knowing he was deeply cherished during his time with her and rests peacefully now. Despite life’s adversities, Ashley remains steadfast in her philanthropic endeavors, championing causes close to her heart, such as domestic violence awareness and animal welfare.

Ashley has transitioned into a role as a victim advocate at New Anchor: Victim Service, drawing on her personal experiences to support others in need. In 2019, she enrolled at Kansas State University, graduating in 2020 with a focus on victim advocacy. Ashley serves as the kitchen shift leader at No. 7 Coffee House alongside her advocacy work. As a single mother, she provides for her family of three children who reside with her in Wellington, Kansas. Her dual roles reflect her commitment to professional and personal responsibilities, embodying resilience and dedication in pursuing a better future for herself and her children.

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