Ashlie Amber Now: Where is My Kind of Country’s Contestant Today?

Image Credit: Ashlie Amber/Instagram

Apple TV+’s ‘My Kind of Country’ is a must-watch for country music fans, given the sheer number of talented artists featured in the show. The new yet enriching ways these musicians adapt country music to their own style allow viewers to understand just how many layers a single song can have. Featured in the show’s first season, Ashlie Amber was among the many contestants who wowed the public with her mesmerizing talent. If you are one of her many fans and are curious about her current whereabouts, we have your back!

Ashlie Amber’s My Kind of Country Journey

Ashlie first realized her talent in music at six, thanks to her father, who complimented her regarding the same. With his demise shortly after, the artist took up music to pay homage to her father and his love for music. Inspired by various artists of color within the field of music, Ashlie hopes to become one of the shining beacons of the industry. Whenever anyone tries to tell her that her music is not “authentic,” she chooses to perceive it as a compliment, as it lets her know that she is different from everyone else.

Entering the Apple TV+ series, Ashlie was a find of Mickey Guyton, who had been aware of the aspiring artist’s work for some time. In turn, she admitted that she was an avid social media follower of Mickey and considered her someone to look up to. Surrounded by so much talent, Ashlie buckled up and was ready to ace the performance that would soon take place in front of Jimmie Allen and Orville Peck, along with Mickey.

To showcase her talent and represent her emotions best, Ashlie sang “Crazy for You,” a popular song by Madonna. While the three listeners enjoyed her performance, they did feel like she was holding herself back and not letting herself shine fully. Though it was hard for Mickey, she ultimately had to let Ashlie go, who admitted that she could have shown more but would not let the elimination bring her down.

Where is Ashlie Amber Now?

Ashlie is primarily based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Interestingly, the Apple TV+ show was not the first time the musician appeared on television as she was also seen in ‘American Idol’ in 2012. Due to her work in musicals like ‘The Color Purple,’ ‘Spamalot,’ and ‘RENT,’ she has been nominated for numerous Henry Awards. An avid music creator and listener, the artist decided to start her headliner show called ‘I Will Always Love You’ in honor of Whitney Houston.

Thanks to her breathtaking voice, Ashlie soon became recognized by many. As a Cruise Performer, her reputation increased twofold when she became the first female residency with Celebrity Cruises, which performs on the Celebrity Edge, one of the most popular cruise ships. Due to her work, Ashlie often gets to travel all across Europe and the Caribbean, garnering fans everywhere she goes.

Ashlie has an original song titled “Fight With You” on Spotify, which one also can listen to on several other platforms. It seems like the artist has new musical projects in the pipeline that she will release soon. Additionally, she has over 56 thousand Instagram followers and is affiliated with Fourth Option, an eating utensil brand. The musician turned 30 in August 2022 and is in a happy relationship with Brad Schwartzman.

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