Back to the Future Filming Locations

Back to the Future‘ is certainly one of the most iconic science fiction movies of all time. In fact, it wouldn’t even be wrong to call it one of the most iconic movies of any genre. It was a mammoth hit at the box-office, staying at the number one spot for eleven weeks and collecting $389.1 million worldwide. Its success helped the movie become a successful trilogy as well. Moreover, it was also lauded by critics for being the perfect Hollywood flick with the finest balance of action, comedy, and romance.

The time-travel movie portrays a hilarious spin on family dynamics. Its protagonist, Marty accidentally travels back in time when his parents had been teenagers. However, he lands in a sticky situation when his own mother starts to develop a romantic interest in him, unaware that Marty is her own son from the future. In order to avoid being erased from existence due to the butterfly effect of his mother’s newfound feelings, Marty must make his parents fall back in love.

Where Was Back to the Future Filmed?

‘Back to the Future’ is set in the fictional city of Hill Valley, California. Due to the incredible success of the film, several scenes have become etched in viewers’ minds. Hence, it is natural for viewers to wonder where the movie has been filmed. How is the fictional city of Hill Valley recreated?

Los Angeles, California

To begin with, ‘Back to the Future’ has been entirely filmed in and around the county of Los Angeles, California. L.A. is used to recreate the fictional city of Hill Valley, California. Scenes set in the protagonist, Marty’s house were filmed at 9303 Roslyndale Avenue, in Arleta.

The film opens with Marty on his skateboard. This scene is filmed near the Burger King at Burbank on N Victory Boulevard. However, a part of this scene was also filmed at a set at Universal Studios Hollywood. Universal Studios Hollywood is where a large number of scenes in the movie are filmed. For instance, the very next scene is filmed at Courthouse Square, one of the biggest permanent sets at Universal Studios Hollywood.

Furthermore, scenes set at Marty’s High School were actually filmed at Whittier High School located on 12417 Philadelphia St in Whittier, California. Have a look:

However, the scene where Marty and his band auditions was filmed at MacCambridge Recreation Centre at MacCambridge Park, Burbank. Moving on, another iconic scene in the movie was set in “Twin Pines Mall.” The scene in the fictional mall was filmed at Puente Hills Mall on 1600 Azusa Venue in the City of Industry, California.

Furthermore, an important scene was also filmed at Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch in Newhall, California. Here, the scene involving Marty landing in a barn in the past was filmed. In the past, scenes set in both of Marty’s parents’ house were filmed on Bushnell Avenue. Scenes set in Doc Brown’s family mansion (the one that he loses), on the other hand, are filmed at The Gamble House in Pasadena. On the other hand, the house that Doc Brown is depicted living in is actually The Blacker House, which is also in Pasadena.

The movie’s climax was set in the school. However, that scene was not filmed at Whittier High School. Instead, it was filmed in the basement of the Hollywood United Methodist Church on 6817 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles. Lastly, a scene was also filmed at Griffith Park.

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