Bae Suzy: The Doona Star Keeps Her Relationships Private

Image Credit: Bae Suzy/Instagram

Warped in a unique predicament, Netflix’s ‘Doona’ follows the story of Doo-na, a mysterious former idol, and Won-jun, a university student. The Lee Jung-hyo and Jang Yu-ha creation chronicles the journey of the protagonists as they start sharing a house. As their paths continue to intersect, they realize that there is more to their relationship than they originally anticipated. Based on the Korean webtoon ‘The Girl Downstairs,’ the romantic K-drama showcases the underbelly of stardom. Given the convincing portrayal of an idol with a mysterious past, Bae Suzy has continued to make viewers curious. Naturally, fans have wondered more about the actress and her personal life. So, if you also want to know more, look no further because we’ve got all the information right here!

Bae Suzy’s Previous Relationships

Affectionately known as the “Nation’s First Love,’ Suzy has continued to display an eclectic mix of abilities as an artist, musician, and entertainer. Having made her debut as part of JYP Entertainment’s girl group, Miss A in 2010, she has continued to map the road to success. Once a dancer in a street crew, she is now a familiar face worldwide. Over the years, her growing success has made fans curious about her personal life as well.

The actress’ dating life first came into the spotlight when news of her romance with Lee Min-Ho came to the fore. In 2015, Dispatch, a Korean news website, revealed photos of the couple and how the duo had taken to each other after meeting at a fashion shoot. Suzy was reportedly in a relationship with ‘The Boys Over Flowers’ actor for a period of two years. The duo confirmed their breakup in 2017, citing conflicting schedules.

Her love life came under the microscope once again in March 2018. Suzy’s agency confirmed that she was dating actor Lee Dong-Wook at the time. The couple’s romance was legitimately confirmed by their respective labels after paparazzi had reportedly acquired photos of them together. However, their whirlwind romance came to an end just four months later. JYP Entertainment further confirmed that Suzy and Dong-Wook’s separation came on account of their busy schedules. Since their schedules rarely matched, maintaining a relationship became hard work for the actors. After the singer parted ways with Dong-Wook, thirteen years her senior, some fans poured in heartfelt messages for Suzy, while others caused a stir.

Is Bae Suzy Dating Anyone? Is She Single?

In addition to working on new projects, the ‘Architecture 101’ actress has continued to work on accelerating her multi-faceted career as a singer and entertainer. However, when it comes to her romantic life, Suzy has remained decidedly quiet. Given the secretive nature of her personal life, it stands to reason that she is currently single and has no news to share with her fans at the moment! However, that does not mean that Suzy hasn’t been the focus of several speculations in the past. After making her on-screen debut in 2011 in ‘Dream High,’ Suzy was rumored to be dating Kim Soo-Hyun. However, the duo’s agencies later confirmed that the two were nothing but good friends.

Later, she was speculated to be with Lee Seung-gi, her ‘Vagabond’ costar. Nevertheless, the co-stars gave no stock to the rumors and confirmed that they share nothing but love and respect for each other as colleagues. Given their previous work engagement in ‘Gu Family Book,’ it wasn’t difficult for them to display an electrifying chemistry the second time around. Naturally, their excellence as actors was mistaken for something more by fans. Nonetheless, the duo have confirmed that the nature of their relationship remains platonic and that they are nothing more than good friends.

So, even though fans have time and again supposed a brewing relationship between Suzy and her co-stars, it seems that the actress has been focusing on her journey as an artist and an entertainer more than her romantic life, and while she may not be searching for someone at this time, it doesn’t mean that she’s falling short of fulfilling similar duties.

In a sitdown interview with Urban Zakapa member Cho Hyun-Ah, Suzy opened up about how their friendship came to be. Not only this, Cho Hyun-ah even referred to Suzy as the perfect boyfriend material, citing her mindfulness to drive her and get her coffee. So, even though romance may not be on the cards right now, it is apparent that the actress continues to enjoy life with her friends and colleagues. Consequently, as far as we can tell, Bae Suzy is single at the moment. Nevertheless, we continue to look forward to all the milestones she will achieve in her personal and professional life in the future!

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