Baelee and Samir: Are the Twin Love Winners Still Together?

Hoping to find the same connection that they share with their sibling, ten identical twins partake in a social dating experiment in ‘Twin Love.’ The Amazon Prime series follows the exploration of love and connection between a group of singles divided into two houses. As the twins try to find common ground and delve into the possibility of forevermore, several unique themes emerge. Samir Akel and Baelee Bogart’s heartfelt journey on the show has left many curious about their relationship status.

Samir and Baelee’s Twin Love Journey

Samir and Baelee headed into ‘Twin Love’ in the hopes of finding a person they could have a substantial connection with. Based in Los Angeles, 32-year-old Samir, a Syrian native, had hoped to settle down and develop a deeper relationship with someone in the house. Similarly, 22-year-old Baelee from Colorado had also hoped to find a person who could sweep her off her feet. Initially, Baelee had connected with Samir. However, things changed when Seth also showcased an interest in her. Not only did she and Seth go on a date, but they also found it easy to open up about their likes, dislikes, and life.

However, their connection was cut short when Luke and Seth were eliminated from the house following an elimination. After that, Baelee and Samir had a chance to grow closer and create several memories. The two shared the difficult memories they had whilst growing up. While Samir had relocated to the States from a war-torn country, Baelee had faced her share of trepidations even in a developed world. Familiar with abject poor conditions, Baelee shared that there were times when her entire family had no more than $50 for an entire week’s food supply.

Given their candid responses to one another, the duo swooned for each other and managed to solidify their relationship. Not only did they grow to respect each other as individuals, but they also became a great couple in the eyes of their castmates. As the season came to an end, the singles were asked to choose a couple they believed to be the best. After the majority voted for Samir and Baelle, the duo managed to walk away from the show as one and even won $50,000 to start their relationship. Even when they were offered the choice to give their share of $25,000 to their twins, the couple stuck with each other. However, the ending credits also revealed that despite their deep connection with one another, Baelee and Samir couldn’t make it through.

Why Did Samir and Baelee Break Up?

Despite the mutual attraction that had solidified Baelee’s and Samir’s attraction towards each other, things ended up changing once they walked out of the show. No longer encompassed by a tropical paradise that could facilitate their journey further, Samir and Baelee found it difficult to map the distance between them. Since Samir’s business and commitments keep him busy in Los Angeles, they found it hard to continue their relationship.

Initially, however, Samir and Baelee had stuck to their commitment and made efforts to be in each other’s lives. After the show, twins Samir and Samer flew to Denver, Colorado, and visited their love interests. Similarly, Baelee and Zoie had also taken charge of their relationship and visited the twins in Los Angeles. Eventually, however, the quad was struck by their lack of commonalities. Even though they were fascinated by one another, there was nothing there that could bind them together for a long period.

Naturally, given their different dispositions, Samir and Baelee decided to call it quits. Despite separating, Samir and Baelee have still remained amicable towards each other. The duo is still in contact and connects with each other sometimes. While romance didn’t turn out to be on the cards for them, Samir and Baelee are still making progress as individuals.

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