Barbara Becker: Where is Boris Becker’s First Wife Now?

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Apple TV+’s ‘Boom! Boom! The World vs. Boris Becker’ documents the life of tennis legend Boris Becker. The two-part docuseries focuses on the German athlete’s rise and fall, highlighting the critical events in his life. It begins with Becker winning Wimbledon at seventeen, becoming the then-youngest player to do so. His talent on the court and charm outside turned him into a celebrity, with every aspect of his life making headlines in the newspapers. One of the things that placed Becker in the middle of a media sensation was his marriage to Barbara Becker. Despite facing racist comments from people, the couple became the face of progressive relationships in Germany. Since their divorce, Barbara has expanded her horizons and built a great life for herself.

Who is Barbara Becker?

Born on November 1, 1966, in Heidelberg, Germany, Barbara is the daughter of Harlan and Ursula Feltus. Her father was in the US Medical Corps and later turned to photography, while her mother was a Teacher. Barbara enjoyed a career as an Actress and a Model but left that behind after marrying Boris Becker. They first met in 1991, and after dating for two years, they married in 1993. The former couple has two sons, Noah and Elias.

Things got difficult between the couple after Boris’ affair with Angela Ermakova came to light. In the Apple TV+ documentary, Becker claims that he told Barbara about the affair when he discovered that Angela was pregnant with his child. At first, they tried to make it work, but when Becker saw that his wife couldn’t see past his affair, he decided they should take a break.

In an interview with Gala, Barbara shared that their marriage was already going through a tough time, so when she found out about the affair, things had to end between them. “It’s very strange. At some point, you become alienated so that you no longer recognize the original person you married. That helped me to separate myself internally and not to feel addressed. That’s why, at some point, it was for me – the pain, too,” she said.

Despite proposing a separation, Becker said he wasn’t considering divorce then. However, a week later, Barbara packed up her things and took her sons to Miami, moving into their $3 million holiday home on Miami’s upmarket Fisher Island. There, she filed for financial protection, child support, and a condo in Miami. This was against the prenup, which would have landed her $2.5 million in a single payoff.

The Beckers’ divorce proceedings were heavily televised in Germany, and in the end, they decided to settle out of court. Reportedly, the settlement included Barbara getting $14.4 million in alimony, the Miami house, and sharing the custody of their sons. Thus, after eight years of marriage, the couple went their separate ways in 2001.

Barbara Becker is Now an Author and Entrepreneur

Barbara Becker lives in Miami and is a fitness professional and entrepreneur. Her elder son, Noah, 28, is a director and a producer, and her younger son, Elias, 23, is a model and studying filmmaking at Roehampton University. Following her divorce from Boris Becker, Barbara married Belgian artist Arne Quinze in 2009 and divorced him in 2011. She briefly dated Juan Lopez Salaberry, but she is currently single since breaking up with him.

While Barbara was limited to being known as Boris Becker’s wife for some time, she has remade her image through her exemplary work and lifestyle. In 2006, she worked as an ambassador for UNICEF. Barbara has authored two books: ‘Five Days Only,’ a diet guide about fasting and its effects on the body, and ‘Better Aging,’ which discusses bettering one’s lifestyle. She has also dipped her toes in fashion design while also dabbling in designing jewelry collections, among other things.

In addition, Barbara is a fitness trainer with a food supplement series called ‘Noweda.’ In 2018, she released a Pilates and Yoga DVD. Talking about her life now, Barbara revealed she lives “in a state of bliss.” “I don’t know if you can get used to being surrounded by palm trees and the sea. I will be forever grateful to have all these great gifts,” she said. As for her relationship with Becker, Barbara said she is thankful to him because she got a large part of her life from him. They have maintained a close bond over the years and have given joint appearances over the years.

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