Barbara Pascual: Stewardess From Below Deck Also Runs a Decor Company

The 11th season of ‘Below Deck’ has once again delivered a riveting mix of entertainment, drama, and chaos, staying true to the show’s established formula. Among the new cast members introduced this season, Barbara Pascual, the self-proclaimed “daddy’s girl,” emerged as a fan favorite. Raised in the lap of luxury, the stewardess not only turned heads with her larger-than-life personality but also proved to be captivating to watch. Undoubtedly the standout star of the season, Barbara’s presence added an extra layer of excitement to the show, leaving viewers curious to find out more about her life beyond the yacht.

Barbara Pascual Had an Affluent Upbringing in Argentina

Barbara “Barbie” Pascual, born on September 5, 1994, hails from what she describes as a “good family.” Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Barbara has been open about her upbringing in a life of luxury. During her formative years, she enjoyed the privilege of having three nannies — one for cooking, one for cleaning, and another for hairstyling. Despite the lavish lifestyle, Barbara has emphasized that her father instilled the value of hard work and self-reliance. According to her, the lessons learned included the importance of earning one’s own money and being responsible for acquiring the things one desires.

From a very early age, Barbara had the opportunity to explore the world, venturing to some of the most exotic locations like Nassau, Venice, and Israel. Her global travels provided her with exposure to diverse cultures, allowing her to become proficient in various languages. While Spanish is her mother tongue, Barbara has also mastered English and other languages through her international experiences. This multilingual ability undoubtedly adds to her versatility and adaptability in different settings.

Barbara Pascual Has Many Years of Yachting Experience

Barbara Pascual developed a fascination for yachts, likely stemming from her frequent exposure to water and participation in various water sports, such as wakeboarding. Before joining Captain Kerry Titheradge as a stewardess, guiding the crew around Grenada, Barbara had accumulated over six years of experience in the yachting industry. This extensive background made her a robust and knowledgeable member of the team. Her proficiency in Spanish undoubtedly contributed to her skill set, enhancing her ability to communicate effectively and making her a valuable asset to the crew.

Barbara Pascual demonstrated a strong-willed and determined approach to how she wanted things to run, leading to occasional friction in her relationship with the captain. However, her work ethic and perseverance ultimately overshadowed any disagreements, and the captain recognized her value to the crew. Despite initial challenges, Barbara proved to be a significant asset to the team, contributing her skills and experience to the overall success of the yacht’s operations.

Embracing her passion and aspirations, Barbara founded Beyond The Table By Barbie, a table-setting company that played a pivotal role in creating exquisite table arrangements for various occasions, including those featured in the 11th season of ‘Below Deck.’ Collaborating closely with caterers and bartenders, the company specializes in curating luxurious and vibrant events on yachts, dinners, and various other occasions. Barbara expressed her gratitude for bringing this vision to life, showcasing the dedication and hard work she invested in making Beyond The Table a success.

Barbara Pascual Keeps Her Dating Life Private

Barbara Pascual’s apparent discretion in sharing details about her romantic life aligns with her overall approach to maintaining privacy. While viewers may have witnessed a showmance with deckhand Kyle Stillie during the show, the absence of updates from either party suggests that the relationship may not have extended beyond the on-screen dynamic. Barbara, who celebrated her 29th birthday in 2023, seems to prioritize keeping her personal life low-key, opting not to disclose much about her dating life. This choice reflects a desire to emphasize her professional endeavors and individual achievements.

She is very close to her family, consisting of her parents and her beloved French Bulldog, Koosh, who has been a faithful companion for many years. Koosh isn’t just a travel buddy but a constant presence in Barbara’s life. As a proud Argentinean, Barbara also boasts a passion for football, demonstrating her fervor by enthusiastically cheering for the iconic Lionel Messi during the thrilling moments of the World Cup in 2022.

Barbara not only dazzles in designer outfits, but her penchant for luxury extends beyond yachts to a love for opulent hotels, with frequent visits to various Four Seasons locations worldwide. Barbara’s stylish demeanor, combined with her strong personality, hints at a promising future filled with achievements. As she confidently navigates the world of yachting, it’s evident that Barbara Pascual is just getting started on her journey of success.

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