Where is Barbara Walters Today?

Barbara Walter is known for her incredible interviewing skills and her professional assertiveness to never mince words to get at the truth. The pathbreaking journalist started her career in an advertising agency. Soon, she was the assistant to the publicity director of NBC’s TV station. Eventually, she saw herself involved with NBC in the capacity of a writer and public affairs producer.

Once Walters entered the track of broadcasting journalism, there was no looking back for her. She has been the face of ABC’s 20/20 for 25 years. In addition, her daytime television show ‘The View’ also has an extensive viewer base. Though here and there she has received negative popularity for her harsh statements, her contribution to journalism is irrefutable. She is even known internationally for her interviews with world leaders and politicians. In 1977, she conducted a joint interview of international leaders on peace negotiations. She has led one of the monumental interviews in history, like the one with Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran back then.

However, what really broke the record, was her interview with Monica Lewinsky, who was involved in an affair with former President Bill Clinton. The issue which was already a big scandal had millions glued in to watch the interview conducted by Walters. The interview was supposedly seen by around 74 million people. Walters has penned several books, out of which ‘Audition: A Memoir’ remains the most popular. 

Where Is Barbara Walters Now?

Barbara Walters, who was everywhere, stopped appearing in the limelight around 2016. Then in 2018, reports started flooding in regarding her deteriorating health conditions due to old age. The journalist in the past suffered a breast cancer scare, for which she later underwent a lumpectomy. In addition, she has also had some heart complications in the aftermath of her open heart surgery. However, her PR came out in the open to reveal that Walters is doing well.

Even though Walters retired in 2014, she has featured in several shows even after that, hinting at only partial retirement. Though Walters has a Twitter account, she was last seen active in 2017, in which she shares a clip from ‘The View.’ She also didn’t make it to the foundation ceremony of her alma mater, Sarah Lawrence College, even though she donated $ 15 million for the cause.

The love for the icon is still strong as she revolutionized the face of Tv journalism as we know it. As a tribute to her and her fame from ABC’s 20/20, celebrities took to Goodmorning America’s Instagram handle, to post a montage of them trying to say Walter’s iconic phrase, “This is 20/20” on the New Years Eve of 2020.


In short, people still continue to be in awe of the icon Walters grew to be over decades. The legend who is now 90 years old continues to live in her home in NewYork. 

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