When Will ‘Beastars’ Return to Netflix?

In the real-world, a foodchain dictates the life of every creature in the wild. But what if there was a world of anthropomorphic animals where each animal had the ability to think and live peacefully with others? What if herbivores and carnivores developed somewhat of a truce to live in harmony forever? Well, wouldn’t that be something? While this is certainly not happening in the real world, this exactly how the story of ‘Beastars’ unfolds. The whole idea of furry animal-like characters does not appeal to most anime watchers and I can understand why, but ‘Beastars’ is unlike any other anime out there.

So if you haven’t watched it yet and you’re planning to, just make sure you leave all your skepticism behind and prepare yourself from some unexpectedly deep social commentary from this one. That said, considering how well it has been received by the anime community, you must be wondering if it will ever return with a whole new season. So to know more about its renewal and the release of its second season on Netflix, read on further.

Beastars Season 2 Release Date: When will it premiere?

‘Beastars’ season 1 premiered on March 13, 2020 on Netflix. Now if you have been hoping for a second season, you’ll be relieved to know Orange Studio (‘Black Bullet‘, ‘Houseki no Kuni‘) has already confirmed it. The Studio also posted a tweet to confirm this. You can check it out below:

Although the details regarding its second season are still under the wraps, we can expect it to release sometime in October 2020. Moreover, considering the success of the first season and abundance of the source material, it is a possibility that season 2 will be one of those 2-cour seasons which consist of 23-25 episodes. Shinichi Matsumi, the director of Season 1, is again helming the show, and Shunsuke Hosoi and Yoshinori Takeeda from Fuji TV are probably returning as producers. Its script is again being written by Nanami Higuchi (‘BNA’, ‘Little Witch Academia‘) and its music composition is probably being handled by Satoru Kōsaki.

Although there isn’t much we can say about its commercial success, we’re pretty certain that the anime is receiving a very positive response on Netflix so far. So when it comes to the release of its second season on Netflix, it is a possibility that it will be released internationally on the platform in an ONA format sometime in October 2020. However, if, just like the first season, the creators of the show have plans of broadcasting it locally before releasing it globally, we can expect the Beastars’ season 2 to release sometime in December 2020 on Netflix.

Beastars English Dub

You can now stream the first season of ‘Beastars’ on Netflix.

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