Becky Angelo: Bennie Angelo’s Daughter is Leading a Fulfilled Life Today

Becky Angelo received devastating news from the police one night in January 2007: her father had died, and his house had been set on fire. Initially believing it to be an accidental fire, she soon learned it was a case of homicide, burglary, and arson. This was particularly shocking because her father, a highly respected World War II veteran who had witnessed the attack on Pearl Harbor, was beloved in the community. In A&E’s ‘Cold Case Files’ episode ‘Death of a Hero,’ Becky shared her emotional journey in pursuing justice and the difficulty of obtaining the answers she sought. Her struggles are heart-wrenching, yet her relentless pursuit is genuinely inspiring.

Becky Angelo Always Believed That Her Father’s Killer Would be Caught

In 2007, Rebecca Angelo was living in Canton, Ohio, when the police called her with the shocking news that her father’s house was on fire. Upon arriving at the scene, she learned that the fire was a ruse to cover up a homicide: 87-year-old Bennie Angelo had been shot four times and severely beaten, causing his death, and the perpetrator had set the fire to cover up the crime. It was unbelievable for Becky. She had always seen her father as a strong, independent man who stood by his children’s side. Learning that money had also been stolen from her father’s house; she couldn’t fathom the brutality of the killer who had taken her father’s life.

She thought the worst part of the incident was over, but little did she know it would be years before she would find the justice she sought. The lead detective was her high school classmate, and she could speak to him frankly. He assured her that he would catch her father’s killer, but as time passed with no progress on the case, Becky grew increasingly frustrated and irritated.

When her father’s wallet and ID card were found a few blocks away from his house, it brought a new ray of hope for Becky. She and her siblings set up a $10,000 cash reward to move the case forward and motivate anyone with leads. The police department added to the funds, bringing the total reward to $15,000 for anyone who could help with the arrest and conviction of the killer. After Chester Crank was identified as the murderer with the help of Regina Crank, Becky finally breathed a sigh of relief. Following his sentencing in May 2015, she spoke to the press, expressing how she had never given up hope and that the conviction marked the “beginning of the end.”

Becky Angelo is Passionate About Helping Alzheimer’s Patients

Shortly after the verdict was declared, Becky moved to Columbus, Ohio. Life since then has been a mixed bag for her. In 2017, she began experiencing neurological difficulties and had to undergo surgery. Throughout this challenging time, her friends and well-wishers stood by her side, and her brother, Mark, stayed close to help with anything she needed. Fortunately, her surgery went well, and she soon recovered. However, in December of the same year, she lost her dog, who was like a child to her. She expressed how painful it was and how much she missed him, but her friends reassured her that the memories she had would help her through the grief.

Becky had a son named Casey, in whom she placed all her hopes and dreams. His passing in 2019 shocked everyone, as he had been a healthy young man, too young to meet such a fate. Many friends and family members checked on Becky during this challenging time, and she assured them she would be okay eventually. She took her time to process her grief and has found some semblance of normalcy in her life today. Although she knows it’s a void she can never fully bridge, she understands it is something beyond her control. She has redirected her energy into other fruitful pursuits like aiding Alzheimer’s patients and has even organized fundraisers for the cause.

Becky Angelo Loves Outdoor Activities

In 2017, just a year before turning 60, Becky decided to return to school and started a bachelor’s course in PR and marketing. Her resilience and attempt to work on herself demonstrate her strength and confidence to embrace new challenges. She was enthusiastic about this new chapter in her life, which shouldn’t come as a surprise since she has always been a risk-taking and adventurous person. Becky enjoys kayaking and hiking and has actively organized such events for her community. She traversed the Glacier Ridge Metro Park in Plain City, Ohio, along with her group and took a pedal bike ride at Hoover Dam.

Becky is Surrounded By Love From All Sides

Becky appears to be single but has exceptionally close friends and allies who support her decisions and have her best interests at heart. She maintains a close relationship with her brother, Mark, and they frequently meet and try to stay involved in each other’s lives. Life has certainly not been easy for her, but she has emerged stronger from her experiences. Becky enjoys her time surrounded by her dogs and cherishes her memories with the people she loves most.

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