Bee: Squid Game Player 018 is Now a Gaming Professional

Inspired by ‘Squid Game,’ Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ has become a show unlike any other. Despite its huge cast, the viewers do form connections with some of the contestants and cheer them on. Sometimes, the support is based on a player’s overall skills as a contestant, while in other cases, the love can be based on the motivations behind a person’s presence in the competition. This certainly stood true for Bee (Player 018), a season 1 competitor who stayed under the radar for a significant amount of time before emerging as one of the strongest contenders in the competition.

Having come to the show to prove her abilities when it came to a challenge such kind, Bee felt like she might be underestimated by many due to preconceived notions. However, she did feel like that might be the lesser of two evils since if people did know just how smart she was, then she might get treated as a threat. When the time came when she and her team had to play a game that she had been proficient in for a long time, she decided to abandon her caution for her own good and that of her team.

Overall, Bee’s performance impressed many of the contestants, especially those who could thank her for their continued presence in the competition. Viewers also came to appreciate the highly smart tactician thanks to her determination to win the contest using all of her available resources. Hence, it is no wonder that many of the reality TV star’s fans are eager to know what Bee has been up to these days now that her time on the Netflix show is over.

Where is Bee Now?

In the Netflix show, Bee shared how she had always been seen as different from others around her. Around the age of nine, she confessed to feeling more “isolated” and “depressed.” This apparently led her to “act out” in a way that was quite different from those of similar age to her. More than anything, Bee has always been proud of her intelligence. “I love reading books, and I love challenging my brain,” she shared.

“I was in Mensa at the age of 13 with an IQ in the top 0.5% of the UK,” Bee revealed. “My parents really put me forward for it because I think they wanted me to see on paper that I was capable.” She then confessed to feeling that she did not make use of her intelligence in the most efficient manner for a significant amount of time. The test that Bee gave as a teenager is often regarded as one of the most well-known tests used to measure a person’s perceived Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

Having entered the world of gaming as a professional, Bee saw the third game in ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ as a definite opportunity to prove herself. The challenge was between two teams to play a game of Warship, and Bee served as her team’s leader and helped them all achieve a flawless victory. This not only allowed others to see her in a new light but also made her a favorite among many of the viewers who could not help but appreciate her skill at the game.

As of writing, Bee works as a Gaming Industry Professional. A lot of her time is spent playing a variety of games, including strategy games like Warship, which certainly helped her gain and edge during her reality TV appearance. Presently, the gamer is based in London, United Kingdom, and seems to be gaining much love thanks to her excellent performance on the screen.

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