Behave Bras Shark Tank Update: Where is Behave Now?

Image Credit: Christopher Willard/ABC

Behave was one of the most interesting products on Shark Tank this week. Behave specializes in bras for big-breasted individuals, with comfort being paramount to the user. Now, let us dive into the details and learn more about the company and where it stands today.

Behave: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Belonging to a Greek-Italian family, the founder of Behave Athena Kasvikis is based in Boston, Massachusetts. She endured discomfort for years as she developed big breasts at a very young age. This meant severe pain in the shoulders, back, and neck. Kasvikis admitted to even wearing 2-3 sports bras just to be able to exercise without pain. Unfortunately, the market did not have many options for women who required a bra larger than the size DD. So, Kasvikis decided to change that. In fact, DD seems to be the average bra size in the USA, but there are more than 50 million women who require bras larger than a DD.

Bras by Behave are excellent at providing support to people with large breasts, thanks to the now patented Stayz technology. Stayz are stretchable pieces of fabric that are placed inside each bra. This allows the user to move the pieces around and pull them in place for maximum comfort. This technology provides support like an underwire bra without actually using wires. However, none of this compromises the look of the product – in fact, the bras look exquisite!

Behave typically makes bras for big breasts and small bands (that is, the measurement around the rib cage). This means they sell bras with cup sizes ranging from DD to I and bands between 30-38. Each bra is priced at $75 and comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns. Behave’s flagship product is the Wireless Lounge Bra.

Apart from the much-needed product that Behave offers, it is what Kasvikis brings to the table that makes the company’s future a promising one. Having worked in notable organizations such as Procter & Gamble, UnReal Brands, Ciao Bella Gelato, and Kill Cliff Inc., she has a solid background in marketing and brand management. Moreover, she graduated with an MBA in Brand Management and Strategy from Simon Business School, University of Rochester. Athena credits all these experiences as they helped her shape her entrepreneurial journey.

Where Is Behave Now?

Kasvikis began working on the concept of the bras in 2017, with the focus being on making a wire-free bra that offers support and comfort. In 2018, Behave became a finalist for MassChallenge, a Boston-based global start-up accelerator. By 2019, the venture was incorporated, and in 2020, the e-commerce business was set up. The bras are now available for purchase on Behave’s official website.

In March 2020, Behave began offering free Zoom Virtual Fittings that allowed potential clients to try out the bras and interact with Kasvikis herself. In the fall of 2021, the plan was to expand the team of virtual fitters so that Behave could reach out to more people and cater to their individual needs. The company proudly offers its services to anyone with breasts, including men and transitioning men. Irrespective of whether or not people are Behave customers, Kasvikis makes it a point to help out however she can, even if it means guiding them to other brands that might be better suited for them.

In addition, Kasvikis is mentoring three lingerie start-ups. The idea is to share whatever she has learned and carve out a path for female entrepreneurs entering the industry – because that is what she lacked when she was starting out. At present, Behave has a modest presence on social media but a vocal client base that makes it a point to share how much they love the products. In late 2021, Behave announced the new line of panties as well. Therefore, there is no doubt that the business is on a steady path towards growth.

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