Benjamin Carter: Don’t Hate the Player Contestant is Still a Popular DJ

Netflix’s ‘Don’t Hate the Player’ is a survival series that dangles the possibility of luxury so close to the players that many give it their all to change their situation for even a single second. For players like Benjamin “Ben” Carter, this meant giving the competition their best, forming strong alliances, and taking on a leadership role. Given the very nature of the show, the path ahead was a tough one, but he showed immense resilience and determination in order to gain as many advantages as possible.

Benjamin Carter Controlled the Tides With His Alliances

After being informed by the host Claude Dartois that all 13 contestants had to actually start the show in the wilderness, Benjamin “Ben” Carter began to take up a leadership role. While his directions regarding how to make use of available resources seemed helpful, many did not enjoy him taking up a commanding presence this early on in the show. Things became even more interesting when all the cast members were told they had to choose a leader. Despite their small amount of time on the show, Benjamin had already found a group of people he trusted. This included Anthony Jomeau, Thibault Damians, Lucas Mahaux, Dypsy, Emia, and Inès Mèlas.

Hence, Benjamin decided to convince others to vote for Anthony so that they could control who would be going to the villa and who would be eliminated. While this strategy did allow them to place three of their allies in the villa, Anthony was unfortunately eliminated. Benjamin also played a crucial role in convincing everyone that the next person to go to the villa should be Emia. He shared how his ally was struggling with the wilderness and had apparently contracted an Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). While not everyone believed the claim, Emia did end up going to the villa.

Meanwhile, Benjamin was struggling to oppose the plans being put in motion by Jordan Lecordier and Olivanie, though he did seem to have a better relationship with the latter. Hence, when he returned from an outing with his allies, he was not impressed that he was one of the four possible people who could be put into the elimination duel. Fortunately for him, the villa residents did not choose him, and Benjamin saw another of his allies, Inès, going into the villa. While this did seem like he had a tactical advantage in the game, he was also well aware of the fact that the competition was ultimately about putting one’s needs above everyone else’s.

Finally, Benjamin was able to make his way to the villa when he defeated Clemence B-Idee in a one-on-one duel. He was also able to bring Paula to the villa, which smoothed out many tensions within his alliance. Unfortunately, during the next assembly, he found himself faced with Nathalie, whom he considered a good ally. As such, he told her honestly that he had kept the elimination box for himself and given her the villa box, leaving the decision in her hands. When Nathalie chose to keep the box, Benjamin was certainly disappointed about his exit but did not seem to have any regrets about how he had played the game.

Where is Benjamin Carter Now?

Given just how proud Benjamin “Ben” Carter had been of his musical accomplishments while on the show, the fact that he continues to thrive in his chosen field is certainly heartwarming. The reality TV star continues to work as a Musical Producer and DJ and is quite proud of all that he has achieved over the years. As of today, he is being represented and managed by Isabelle Nicolas and often stars at various events across France.

In fact, Benjamin’s winter tour came to an end on February 2, 2024, and he does seem to be planning for another tour in the near future. Additionally, he continues to work on tracks of his own. On February 16, 2024, he released the track “Jabali,” which he created in collaboration with SIROB and the label called Proximity. The song has become one of his more famous originals. When not working hard, the artist does seem to enjoy traveling, something that he does often as a part of his job as well. Having performed at the Neon Festival and Paranormal Festival in the past, Benjamin is no stranger to being a part of popular events.

Benjamin shares a great bond with his “funniest, kindest and prettiest momma” and often expresses his love and gratitude for her on his social media profile. During his downtime, he seems to enjoy being with his dog. His friends and fans certainly seem to be delighted by all of his success, and Benjamin’s popularity is only increasing day by day, with well over 12K followers on Instagram as of writing. From what we can tell, as of today, he is thriving personally as well as professionally.

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