10 Best Demonic Possession Movies of All Time

The horror genre has sustained itself for over half a century now through scary ghosts and possessed girls. Its funny really how almost no horror movie has a male protagonist who gets possessed. Men always get to be the hero. Well, that calls for a different discussion altogether and this isn’t the place.

Here we list the top movies about demonic possession for you. Gather your friends and have a great time getting scared together! Happy weekend!


10. The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

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Emily Rose’s real-life case actually happened, but by the name of Annelise Michelle. The college kid was found dead with self-inflicted wounds and suffered from severe malnutrition at the time of the finding. The picture presents a fictionalized account of the happenings and uses father Moore, who is arrested for performing an exorcism on Emily. Instead f pleading guilty, Moore intends to stand for himself and tell the real story of Emily in court. While the movie didn’t get close to emulating real-life horrors of Ann, her voice recordings available online make for a horrifying experience. One of the better demon possession movies.


9. Sinister (2012)

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An old curse of videotapes and murdered children afflicts the Oswald family with devastating repercussions. ‘Sinister’ seems well-though out and is decent with the scares. It relinquishes a conventional narrative style and adopts a more conservative, impactful style that marginally works. Overall, a pretty decent film that is watchable and worth your time.


8. Constantine (2005)

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‘Constantine’ sheds the foreplay and dives right into the action. It is explicit in implying the presence of demons and evil spirits around the normal populous and spot them through the experienced eyes of exorcist Constantine. He is requested by a detective to inquire into the case of her sister, which he soon realizes is a trap. ‘Constantine’ fails as a cohesive story, saved by a virtuous and devoted performance from Keanu Reeves. Despite that, the film has its moments and enough fuel to appeal as an entertaining horror film.


7. The Possession (2012)

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During a yard sale, Em, a young girl, comes across a dybbuk box and asks her father to buy it for her. She becomes increasingly obsessed with the box and begins exhibiting signs of being possessed. The first scene is horrifying and feels indifferent to the rest of the film. For something done so well and with inherent terror in every frame, the movie remains a mystery and sub-par.


6. Ouija Origin of Evil (2016)

‘Oujia’ is probably one of the best non-Wan horror movies to have come out in recent years. An innocent family feigns connection with the other world in a bid to console and comfort the grieving family members of the deceased. One fine day, an Ouija board and a typical connection bring back one horrifying spirit that has malice and revenge in mind. The film is relentless and springs unexpected surprises all the way through. A great job in creating a movie that is enjoyable and at the same time fulfills its purpose of existence.

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