10 Best Dracula Movies and TV Shows

Count Dracula, the prince of darkness and the king of vampires. The name itself is sufficient to instill fear in the hearts of his enemies along with a cold and desolate feeling for people who inspire his allure. The epic story Prince Vlad Dracula of Wallachia has been immortalised by Bram Stoker through his book Dracula. After that, there have been several literary and cinematic adaptations because of the complexity, duality, and the sheer strength of this character. Here is the list of top movies about draculas. Beware, as what follows is a list of horror, for you enter the valley of darkness and I may not be with you. Cheers.


10. Dracula (1979)

The tale of Dracula by Bram Stoker turned on its head; this movie twists the original story to suit the audience of the romantic genre. Dracula, a stranded traveller, becomes a guest in Mina Helsing and her friend Lucy’s house. However, when Mina is found dead and consequently undead due to a vampire bite, Mina’s father, Van Helsing is called upon to help them in their fight against the king of vampires. After Lucy too falls into Dracula’s love trap, it is up to Van Helsing and Lucy’s fiancée Jonathan Harker to avenge Mina’s death and save Lucy before it’s too late.


9. Blade: Trinity (2004)

The third installment in the Marvel’s Blade Series presents to you an epic battle between the vampire hunter Blade (Wesley Snipes) and the king of vampires Dracula. When the vampires are almost eradicated by the daywalker Blade, they resort to the dumbest idea they could have thought off. The vampire cauldron find the coffin of Count Dracula, the oldest and most powerful vampire in the history, and resurrect him. However contrary to their beliefs Dracula is not at all interested in saving them. He only wants to spread his dominion over the land again. And to do that he’ll have to fight the only vampire able to stand against him: Blade.


8. Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula (2000)

This movie tells the real or shall I say the historical account of Prince Vlad Tepes on whom the character Dracula is based upon. Betrayed by his own brother Radu and Sultan Mehmed -the ruler of the Ottoman Turks- Vlad prepares a resistance against the oncoming Turkish attack to save his home Wallachia. The Crown Prince shattered by the insanity of his wife aligns with the King of Hungary to exact vengeance on the people who deceived him. However, when Vlad is betrayed once again, and is excommunicated by the church, he rises from his grave to become the Dracula everyone has come to fear and dread.


7. The Librarian: Curse of the Judas Chalice (2008)

In the third part of the Librarian TV Movie franchise, the Librarian Flynn has to search for the lost artefact known as the Judas Chalice. Meanwhile as expected another enthusiastic group is trying to retrieve the same Chalice to resurrect the prince of darkness, Vlad Dracul. Unknown to both parties, Dracula is already amongst them and is himself hunting for the Chalice to rejuvenate his health. Who among the three parties will finally reach their destination and that too alive?


6. The Batman Vs Dracula (2005)

Yep, you read right. Due to a foolish mistake, Penguin inadvertently wakes up the King of vampires Count Dracula from his centuries-long sleep of death. Waking up to an entirely different world, Dracula sets out to capture and rule the city of Gotham. However in this path stands the Dark Knight, ready to thwart any and every plan of dominion targeted at his city. What will happen when the five centuries old living bat fights the Batman?

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