10 Best Endings in Superhero Movies

We have covered greatest endings, twisted endings, ambiguous endings, sad endings, realistic endings on our site. Today, we thought why not do the best endings in superhero movies. After all, why not? Endings make or break a movie. As you will also see in the below list how the ending more or less shaped not just the film but also the whole franchise. With that said, here is the list of top superhero movie endings ever. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD


After awaking from a 70-year coma, Steve Rogers immediately escapes from his room (designed to re-create the 1940s) into the streets of Manhattan. He arrives in Times Square and is bombarded by the sights and sounds of a modern world he knows nothing about. He never heard of a cell phone before. Imagine the shock. Nick Fury arrived with a motorcade of SHIELD agents to fill Cap in on what he is witnessing. After seeing all the films that lead up to it, at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger.; we saw our first teaser trailer for THE AVENGERS. The rest is now history.



The Incredibles is the best “Fantastic Four” movie you’re ever going to see and I can’t wait for the sequel. After being embraced by the community, the super powered family comes face to face with a new villain; The Underminer. Having embraced their nature as heroes, Bob, Helen, Violet and Dash don their masks, ready to save the day. Tight zoom in on Mr. Incredible’s face mask and cut to black.



After saving the day against the Green Goblin, Peter Parker meets Mary Jane Watson at a cemetery. In a tragic twist, Peter is told by Mary Jane that she loves him. Mustering up all of his courage, Parker tells Mary Jane that he does NOT love her back (even though he truly does.) Parker lies in order to stop any dangers that might befall MJ as a result of his crime-fighting. Becoming a true hero through this act of self sacrifice, Parker embraces his identity as Spider-Man web-slinging through the skyscrapers of Manhattan, into the sunset, With great power, comes great responsibility.



After saving the day and winning back the girl, Deadpool (who has been narrating his whole story) decides to give some commentary about the camera shots used, throw in a dirty joke and start belting out George Michael’s “Careless Whisper.” He also steals Spider-Man’s catchphrase by signing off as “Your friendly neighbourhood pool-guy.” Maximum Effort!



One thing became very clear once the trailers Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot starting getting released; Clark Kent wasn’t going to be in this movie. To clarify, the character of “Clark Kent,” meaning the “mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet,” wasn’t going to be in the film. He doesn’t assume his civilian identity fully until the very last scene. After revealing himself to the world as Superman and saving the planet, Kal decides that “Clark” needs to get a job and build a life. We see the shit and tie being put on. We see a man riding a bicycle in the city and entering the Daily Planet offices. Perry White introduces the man as his new “stringer.” Meet Clark Kent. Finally, Henry Cavill’s face is seen with those marvellous spectacles. Lois pretends not to know him and extends her greeting:

“Welcome to the Planet.” Cavill’s awkward smile and hesitation show a hint of that (dare I say it?) Christopher Reeve-like charm and responds: “Glad to be here, Lois.” Dorky smile; Cue the music; cut to black. Can’t wait to see “Clark” in the future. Cavill is a great Superman. He’s got lots of room to grow into his role. Wouldn’t it be great if when he *SPOILER ALERT* comes back from the dead this November, he was wearing the red underwear again? I can dream.



The film that launched the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a bigger deal than anyone could have known at the time. Now the MCU is the highest grossing film series of all time; lauded constantly for its quality; populated by the biggest and best talent in Hollywood and it shows NO SIGNS OF STOPPING.

When Tony Stark has saved the day and prepared to greet the public with a statement, He is presented cue-cards that outline his alibi for the Iron Monger incident. Agent Phil Coulson of SHIELD has conjured up a story about Iron Man being Stark’s personal bodyguard. This was a nod to the comics. When Stark finally takes the stage, he hesitates. He takes a deep breath and looks at the cards. I like to think that the exact thought that went through his head was “Fuck it!” as he drops the act and confidently announces: “I am IRON MAN”. Iron Man is a rock and roll Superhero. He blasts ACDC when he’s kicking ass. This movie ending is so metal.



After the Battle of New York, the Avengers got some shawarma after saving the world. We had to wait until after the credits for this scene and henceforth, all post-credit scenes are shawarma. With the newest Marvel movies like Guardians of the Glalaxy: Vol 2, you get like 5 servings of shawarma.

I digress; Before the closing credits; and set to Samuel L. Jackson voice, Tony Stark is making plans for future sections of Stark Tower dedicated to the Avengers. As we pull back and see that tip of the sky-scraper (that was ground-zero for the battle,) we see that the letters on the side of the building were all destroyed, save one. It is only the “A” that remains on the tower; singling the long future that the team will share as The Avengers. This was a perfect last shot and had me pining for more. We got more. We’re getting more. A is for Awesome.



Hugh Jackman played Wolverine for 17 years. He was always good. He was always getting better at it. With his last outing, he realized the role completely. Along with James Mangold and a returning Patrick Stewart, this bare-knuckles western pulled out all of the stops. Stewart and Jackman said goodbye to Xavier and Wolverine. They both gave brilliant performances in this hard, bloody and emotional film. *SPOILER ALERT*

Xavier dies (again). James Howlett/Logan/Wolverine does too.

Dying after over a century of pain and trauma, Logan is buried modestly and quietly by his daughter and all of the refugee children he saved. A make-shift cross adorns his grave. As Laura prepares to leave with the other children, she stops and returns to the grave. With tears in her eyes, she pulls the cross from the ground. She turns it slightly before setting it in the ground again. Now the wooden symbol becomes an “X” as the camera pulls away. When I saw the cross I was annoyed, thinking that it would have been a shameful ending to a great film. I was immediatley blown away, realizing I had been fooled by the filmmakers. The “X” said it all. Simple and brilliant.



Batman begins was the first reboot of the modern era. It set the standard. Batman had been brought back in a new and brilliant style by Christopher Nolan. Batman Begins is the consummate origin story. Its formula has since been used for a slew of new films. Spending the film with Bruce Wayne evolving and acquiring the means to become the hero ended with a confident Batman and Commissioner Gordon standing on the roof of the GCPD building. The Bat-signal has just been installed. Affirming their partnership, Gordon and Batman look to the future of Gotham. They commit to reviving the city together. Just as The Dark Knight is about to leap from the rooftop, Gordon remarks: “I never said thank you.” The Bat replies simply: “And you’ll never have to.” Batman had begun. What would follow would be even more spectacular than this.



The Joker’s bank robbery that opens this film is a thrill ride. The game of masks, betrayal and murder that culminates in the unmasking of Heath Ledger’s creation, is one of the most well executed opening scenes that can be found in the SH genre. Nolan’s sequel should have won (or at the very least, been nominated) for Directing and Best Picture Oscars. The film becomes a masterful tragedy where the hero is cast down into the darkness and shunned by the public as a murderer and terrorist. Batman comes to the understanding with James Gordon that this is necessary to keep up public morale and hope for the future of Gotham. Injured; Batman mounts the Bat-pod and speeds away into the night. When Gordon’s son asks his father why Batman is running; noting that he didn’t do anything wrong.

Gordon’s Response:
Because he’s the hero Gotham deserves but not the one it needs right now.
So, we’ll hunt him, because he can take it.
Because he’s not our hero.
He’s a silent guardian…
A watchful protector…
A dark knight.

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