10 Best Christian Bale Movies You Must See

Christian Bale is one of those actors who started their career as a child actor and worked hard enough to gain a superstar stature in Hollywood. With his dedication and commitment in his versatile roles he now enjoys an acclaimed career. The British actor with spot-on American accent has also managed to grab an Academy award.

“Chameleon” is the word that you can use to describe him as he likes to completely slide into the role he is playing. He is easily one of the most effective method actors in the industry. Here is the list of top Christian Bale movies selected from his impressive filmography. You can watch some of these best Christian Bale movies on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

10. Knight of Cups (2015)

A Terrence Malick film that is not for everyone, not different from most of his recent efforts. What stand out is the film — apart from cinematography of course, is Cristian Bale’s subtle and committed performance. Clearly, he seems to be acting without a script and yet he completely allows himself to be Rick, a Hollywood actor searching for true love.

9. Out of the Furnace (2013)

The film revolves around Russel, magnificently played by Christian Bale, who has to take matter into his own hands when his younger brother Rodney Baze (Casey Affleck) mysteriously disappears and law enforcement doesn’t follow through fast enough. A gritty film that is elevated by Bale’s performance.

8. 3:10 to Yuma (2007)

3:10 to Yuma is about a drought-impoverished rancher (Christian Bale) who takes on the dangerous job of taking a notorious outlaw (Russel Crowe) to justice. The film is a remake of the 1957 film of the same name. While the film is mediocre, the performances are great all around, especially from Christian Bale.

7. The Big Short (2015)

Christian Bale Big Short

In this Wall Street based flick, Bale easily looked the awkward lonely math genius. He plays confused and downright quirky with just right amount of edge to make the character believable. He makes the audience believe that he is suffering from Asperger syndrome and an artificial left eye. He is totally deserving of all the accolades he is inevitably receiving and that includes Academy award nomination for Best Supporting Actor role.

6. American Hustle (2013)


Between unstable housewife, a partner he adores and a hot-headed FBI agent, he delivers an incredible range of acting skills. He made the character completely his own and audience develops a hate/love relationship with him. He gained 40 lbs and is almost unrecognizable. He is captivating in every single scene and audience remains enchanted by his convincing character portrayal.

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5. The Dark Knight (2008)


Bale plays the Cape wearing billionaire vigilante again in this second issue of the Batman trilogy.  Amidst Nolan’s outstanding direction, Heath Ledger’s most iconic portrayal of Joker (and his sudden demise) the extraordinary script and dialogue work Bale’s performance definitely gets overlooked in this. But he plays such a well rounded Batman and Bruce Wayne that none of his predecessors have been able to pull off. He delves deeper into Batman and appears a charming Bruce Wayne and threatening Batman.

 4. The Prestige (2006)

(L-R) Anthony DeMarco, Christian Bale

When Christopher Nolan and Bale team up they create magic and this time quite literally.  Bale effortlessly plays a brooding, secretive, technical magician. It was a masterstroke putting Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale against each other. The character appeared antagonist and protagonist at the same time due to his eagerness for glory that they have eroded not only the morality of this magical art but to sacrifice their own lives and the one they love. His performance was a true art.

3. American Psycho  (2000)


Bale plays the psychotic impulsive manicured modern monster with hedonistic fantasies who kills when not running a business. Although the film wasn’t original in its separate elements and every plot has been deployed somewhere but Bale made it shine throughout by his heroic performance. It was a perfect mix of introspection, self-hatred, outer loathing, lust, conformity and he manages to capture these emotions perfectly. He drives the film fearlessly with all its complexities.

2. The Machinist (2004)

the machinist

Over the years actors have transformed them for a role by shedding or gaining weight but the one that will remain imprinted for years to come is truly shocking display by Christian Bale who lost a whopping  63 lbs. He takes things to extreme in embodiment of the insomniac character whose perception of reality is twisted and looks like walking skeleton run-down shadow of a man. His acting elevates the mood of tension and create an intriguing atmosphere according to the mood of the film.

1. The Fighter (2011)


After so many boxing movies ‘The fighter’  renewed the genre with an interesting element of the relationship between the 2 brothers  Michael Whalberg and Christian Bale. He steals the show as Mike’s cracks addicted older brother, a trainer and a former boxer himself. He really gives it his all both in his appearance by awkward body language, sick clammy skin tone, hollow cheeks, bulgy eyes and his bravura performance. The excellent applause worthy performance also earned him an Academy award for Best Supporting Actor role.

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