Big Brother Season 22 Episode 9: How And When to Watch?

Big Brother Season 22 Episode 8

Tyler Crispen, the fan-favorite alum from ‘Big Brother’ Season 20, has progressed to become the third Head of Household in the most recently aired episode (episode 8) of the ongoing ‘All Stars’ edition. In episode 7, he wins the HOH competition by scoring the most points while pushing glasses of beer down three lanes. He is one of the members of the six-person Commission alliance, which also includes Cody Calafiore, Memphis Garrett, Christmas Abbott, Dani Briones, and Nicole Franzel.

In the seventh episode, we had seen the house getting divided on whether to evict David or Nicole Anthony. Janelle and Kaysar try their best to save Nicole but the latter is ultimately evicted. With Tyler now holding all the power, this Sunday’s episode brings forth some intriguing dynamics. So who does Tyler nominate? Head to the recap, for more. And if you wish to know the details of ‘Big Brother’ season 22 episode 9, we have got your back!

Big Brother Season 22 Episode 9 Release Date

‘Big Brother’ season 22 episode 9 will release on August 26, 2020, at 8 pm ET, on CBS Television Network.

Where to Watch Big Brother Season 22 Episode 9 Online?

You can watch ‘Big Brother’ season 22 episode 9 by tuning to CBS at the above-mentioned time. You can also catch the show on CBS’ official website and the CBS app. If you don’t have a cable subscription, you can watch the show on Sling TV, Direct TV, and Fubo TV and also stream the live feeds on CBS All Access. All the previous seasons are available on Amazon Prime.

Big Brother Season 22 Episode 8 Recap

In the episode, following his win at the HOH, Tyler had his targets set. He is all geared up to take on Janelle and Kaysar who had been targeting him last week. David is feeling a bit secure for his good bond with Tyler. Tyler, Dani, Cody and Enzo team up and decide to round up Da’Vonne and Bayleigh in the ‘Slick Six’. Cody thinks that this is one of the best alliances. When the time comes to choose the new ‘Have Nots’, David volunteers Enzo, Kaysar says yes to Cody’s volunteering, Christmas picks Bayleigh, and Nicole chooses Janelle. Janelle claims that she’s had Nicole on her radar from the beginning since the latter always plays the victim card and then stabs people at the back.

Janelle and Kaysar cannot secure the Safety Suite and hopes that Memphis would be able to win safety. However, Memphis cannot choose sides as this would mean that he is getting entangled with either of the alliances. Tyler and Dani talk about Da’Vonne’s chances of going against them in the future. Finally, for the Safety Suite, the eligible players are Nicole, Memphis, Enzo and Dani.

The challenge tasks the players with navigating the room while avoiding lasers shooting at them. Enzo wins safety and his choice for the +1 is Christmas. During the nomination ceremony, Tyler picks Kaysar and Janelle, as expected. Kaysar and Janelle promise that whoever remains after the evictions will be out for revenge!

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