10 Best Black Mirror Episodes, Ranked

5. San Junipero — Season 3 Episode 4

One of the few hopeful Black Mirror episodes, San Junipero is a beach resort town where yorkie and Kelly are two girls who meet for the first time. Now this town has no material presence but is a simulated reality where people can coexist even after their death. It later is understood that both women are elderly and they are facing a dilemma they do not understand how to handle-whether to get rid of their ailing and ageing bodies and live in San Junipero forever or suffer the mortal ordeal like people before them.


4. Shut Up And Dance — Season 3 Episode 3

In this riveting episode of Black Mirror, the makers of the show deal with a problem that can befall anyone right now in this day and age. The episode deals with the effects of cyberbullying and hacking of personal devices which can lead to blackmail with dire consequences. This is what happens when a teenage boy is blackmailed into committing bizarre and criminal acts by a mysterious hacker possessing a video of him masturbating. The boy is joined by a middle-aged man (Jerome Flynn), whom the same hacker is blackmailing over infidelity.


3. White Bear — Season 2 Episode 2

Victoria is a woman who wakes up not remembering who she is in a place where everyone is controlled by a television signal. Her pursuers wear masks and she sees random people filming her as she desperately tries to protect herself from these followers. The episode is a statement on modern day internet voyeurism and has a brilliant revelation at the end which takes everyone by shock.


2. The Entire History of You — Season 1, Episode 3

The third and final episode of Black Mirror’s first season is set in an alternate reality where people have  “grains” recording everything they do, see, or hear, and allowing them to play back their memories in front of their eyes or on a screen. Though it might seem fun and useful at first, too much revelation or recollection can never be good, and this is what exactly happens when Liam (Toby Kebbell) starts suspecting that his wife Ffion (Jodie Whittaker) might have had an affair.


1. Be Right Back — Season 2 Episode 1

It is not unknown to anyone who frequents the internet that search engines and social media sites keep a track of our online activities and can create a very accurate portrayal of us if need be. This is the context of this Black Mirror episode where a woman comes to know that a company can use videos and photos and the online history of a person to create an almost exact replica of her/him. She decides to try it out on her recently deceased husband, first starting off with a simulation of his voice and personality on the phone and then gradually ordering a life-like android which looks just like him. But she soon begins to realise androids are different from close loved ones.

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