Blood and Water Filming Locations

Good storytelling—be it in movies, TV shows, or in books—has always had a universal appeal to it. Although there are TV shows that are primarily targetted towards the audience of a certain region, for the most part, most series harp on the most basic human condition and then wrap it up with a unique storyline to lure a huge audience.

In Netflix’s new teen thriller series ‘Blood and Water,’ this “basic human condition” turns out to be the struggles that most teenagers go through. Complementing this is the show’s elements of an underlying who-dun-it mystery which keeps you on your toes throughout its runtime. Although the series does not walk you through several different locations, even its production is quite impressive and grabs your attention from its very onset. So, in case, you’re wondering where its filming took place, here’s everything you need to know.

Where is Blood and Water Filmed?

‘Blood and Water’, Netflix’s second South African original, started filming around June 2019 in Cape Town, South Africa. The show’s entire filming took place in the same location. This location comes in tandem with its overall setup which primarily revolves around the lives of the students of a private school in Cape Town. Helmed by award-winning director Nosipho Dumisa, ‘Blood and Water’ has been produced by Gambit Films, which is a Cape Town-based production company.

Cape Town, South Africa

The series is set up in a prestigious school called Parkhurst College. Although there is an actual Parkhurst College in Cape Town, the show has not been filmed there. In an interview, director Nosipho Dumisa talked about her experience with the show’s filming and casting decisions by claiming that it allowed her to bring in some fresh faces to the screen along with a roster of some seasoned actors. Knowing that there are thousands of actors in Cape Town and Johannesburg, the director was all hyped up about opening up the industry in South Africa and giving young actors the opportunity they deserve.

When it comes to the production company behind the series, Gambit Flims is a well-established agency that has produced over 750 TV episodes and even a huge catalog of movies. Netflix’s Vice President of International Netflix Originals, Kelly Luegenbiehl, commented on Gambit Films’ involvement with Netflix originals of the South African region by saying: “We are delighted to be investing further in African content and to partner with Nosipho and the team at Gambit Films to bring our second original series from South Africa to Netflix.” Although no other details regarding the show’s filming have been revealed, several cast and crew members of the show have uploaded stills from its sets on their respective social media accounts.

As mentioned earlier, the show’s filming did not take place in the actual Parkhurst College of Cape Town. Instead, it was predominantly shot in the University of Cape Town. Check out the image below:

Here’s another picture posted by one of the leading stars of the series:

Here’s another one from the sets of the  series, and just like the pictures featured above, this too has been geo-tagged as “Cape Town”:

Here are a few others:

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