Boarders Renewed For Season 2 at BBC

The students of St. Gilbert’s are extending their stay at BBC! The network has renewed BBC Three’s teen comedy series ‘Boarders’ for its second season. The sophomore installment’s filming will start in Bristol, England, in August. Creator Daniel Lawrence Taylor continues to lead the show’s writers, including Emma Dennis-Edwards, Yemi Oyefuwa, and Ryan Calais Cameron. Ethosheia Hylton and Sarmad Masud return to direct the episodes.

In the first season, Jaheim clashes with Leah, who has her own issues with the headmaster. Omar delves into a secret society, while Femi gets entangled in a ritual. Toby’s misjudgment helps him impress a girl. Jaheim plans to exact his revenge on Rupert, and Toby throws a party to win over Abby. Leah takes a chance with the archery captain, while Bernard feels the pressure to make the scholarship program a success. Jaheim faces a dilemma when his roommate’s laptop goes missing. A viral video of Leah and Omar’s efforts to impress the secret society adds to the tension.

As the installment progresses, Jaheim returns home to confront a betrayed friend, while Leah ditches Mabel for Koku. During the school’s Carruthers Challenge, tensions rise, and real danger emerges when Carol calls the police about Toby’s “drugs.” As Bernard enforces strict measures for the fundraiser, Jaheim receives an offer he can’t refuse, forcing him to decide where his loyalties lie.

In the second installment, we can expect the aftermath of the tumultuous events in the first season. Jaheim’s decision regarding his loyalties will likely have significant repercussions, potentially altering his relationships and standing at his prestigious school. Leah’s viral video and budding romance with Koku may further complicate her social and academic life. Omar’s involvement with the secret society is expected to deepen. Bernard’s efforts to maintain the scholarship program’s success under increased scrutiny will likely intensify, adding to the pressure on the students.

The sophomore season may also dive into Toby’s troubles with the authorities over his gummies, which will most likely bring new conflicts and drama. With these unresolved issues and new challenges on the horizon, the second installment promises to deliver even more intense and captivating storylines as the characters navigate their complex lives at St. Gilbert’s.

Even though we are waiting for official confirmation, most of the main cast members from season 1 are expected to feature in the sophomore installment, including Josh Tedeku as Jaheim, Jodie Campbell as Leah, Myles Kamwendo as Omar, Aruna Jalloh as Femi, and Sekou Diaby as Toby. Additionally, considering their significant roles in the storylines, Derek Riddell as Bernard and Niyi Akin as Koku are also anticipated to return.

The comedy-drama series’ first season was also filmed in Bristol, with Clifton College standing in for St. Gilbert’s. The city has recently been the shooting location for various notable projects, including the crime series ‘McDonald & Dodds’ and the comedy-drama ‘The Outlaws.’ These productions have highlighted Bristol’s versatility and appeal as an entertainment production hub.

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