Bodkin: Is O’Shea’s Guest House a Real Place? Where is it Located?

Created by Jez Scharf, ‘Bodkin’ transports us to the titular Irish town where three people mysteriously disappeared twenty years ago on Samhain. A group of journalists arrive in Bodkin to investigate this disappearance. As they are driven along the winding country roads by Seán O’Shea, who seems to be the only cabby in the town, they come to a halt at O’Shea’s Guest House. The guest house is run by Seán’s mother, Mrs. O’Shea, and becomes a haven for the protagonists as they set about uncovering the mystery. Mrs. O’Shea provides the weary investigators with breakfast and some much-needed tea every morning and eventually factors into the town’s story herself.

O’Shea’s Guest House is Fictional But Was Shot in West Cork

The O’Shea’s Guest House is a work of fiction created by the show’s writers. West Cork region of Ireland played a stand-in for Bodkin, and therefore, for O’Shea’s Guest House as well.  In particular, the villages of Union Hall and Glandore become the backdrop for much of the show’s first season. We can ascertain with reasonable certainty that O’Shea’s Guest is a coastal property located along the coastline of West Cork, around the village of Union Hall. The production team likely chose Union Hall as it exudes the charm and tranquility of a traditional Irish fishing village, which they wanted to reflect in Bodkin. Its picturesque harbor, dotted with colorful fishing boats and trawlers, stands as a testament to its rich maritime heritage, which, in the case of Bodkin, also meant having a quiet smuggling route for illegal goods.

Opposite Union Hall, across from the channel, the show also treats us to views of Glandore. Situated on Glandore Harbour, this charming village boasts panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean, dotted with sailing boats and fishing vessels, which can be seen from O’Shea’s Guest House. One of the most iconic landmarks in Glandore is the historic Glandore Pier, which juts out into the harbor and provides a scenic vantage point for enjoying the seafront views. In addition to its maritime attractions, Glandore offers plenty for visitors to explore on land. The village is surrounded by rolling green hills and lush countryside, ideal for walks and outdoor adventures. Nearby hiking trails lead to elevated viewpoints, ancient ruins, and hidden coves, allowing for an immersion in the natural beauty of the area.


Both villages are located in West Cork, a region of unparalleled beauty in Ireland. “It (Bodkin) had to be West Cork,” explained Scharf in the abovementioned interview. “You drive around West Cork and around every corner you have to step out of the car and have a look as it’s so beautiful.” Stretching from the bustling port town of Kinsale in the east to the windswept cliffs of Mizen Head in the west, West Cork encompasses a diverse range of landscapes and attractions. For visitors seeking homely seaside cottages like the O’Shea’s Guest House, the seaside towns and villages of West Cork will not disappoint.

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