Boku no Hero Academia Season 4 Ending, Explained

From some of the goriest scenes we’ve ever seen in the history of MHA to Eri’s beautiful smile, Season 4 has indeed been one hell of a ride. Kudos to Studio Bones for making this another memorable season of one of the greatest shounen of our time. As one would expect, the end of the season drops some subtle cues on what could potentially lie ahead. So further down in this article, we’ll be explaining all the final events of season 4 in context with the direction in which season 5 could head in.

The Ending: The Nomu and Endeavor’s Grim Past

Overhaul served as the overarching antagonist of season 4 but with him out of the way, it seemed like the season had already come to an end. But that’s when in the final episode, Nomu returned and this time around, All Might was not there to defeat it. Nomu is by far one of the strongest creatures the heroes have ever come across because it is bio-engineered, has many quirks, and also possesses quick regenerative abilities. The reason why Endeavor is not able to kill it is that the creature’s regenerative abilities completely surpass the rate of destruction caused by Endeavor’s fiery attacks.

In the end, with the help of Hawks’ feathers, he acquires enough speed to send the Nomu soaring up in the sky and uses Plus Ultra Prominence Burn to finally burn off the insides of the beast, completely shutting off its ability to regenerate. With this, a blazing figure falls to the ground and when the smoke around it clears out, Endeavor can be seen standing with his fist raised up. Although Endeavor’s character did not receive much development in the entire season, the last two episodes reveal a lot about his character and his relationship with his family. He is finally the number one hero after All Might’s retirement, but he hates how the world still considers All Might to be a symbol of peace.

When Endeavor was struggling to defeat the Nomu, most people had already lost all hope and were wondering if the “symbol” even exists anymore. But his win restores hope and makes all the other heroes realize that although All Might is not a hero like them anymore, they can still carry his legacy and his symbol of peace forward. During dark times like these, instead of contemplating everything that has previously happened, the heroes must stick together to overcome everything that lies ahead. Like every other hero, Endeavor, who seems to have a stoic demeanor, actually has a very scarred past and has a lot of emotional barriers to overcome. But despite everything, he, too, will be able to prove that he’s not just a great hero but a great father as well.

Deku’s Dream, Explained

In the closing moments of season 4, Deku has this weird dream in which he sees other One For All users. This dream probably suggests that Deku will not be able to inherit the quirks of all the previous heroes who possessed One For All. If you look closely, you might even notice that one of the heroes featured in Deku’s dream seems to be All For One’s brother, who was the first holder of One For All.

The dream is a representation of how Deku is now proving to be a worthy heir of One For All and will now be able to reach his full potential. In the entire series, it has been previously established that the previous holders of One For All can communicate with the descendant of the quirk. So it is also a possibility that the previous holders of One For All have already foreseen what lies ahead and are just trying to warn Deku. That’s the reason why he wakes up all disturbed from his dream.

Why Wasn’t All Might in Deku’s Dream?

One primary reason why All Might did not appear in Deku’s dream is that unlike all the previous users of One For All, he is still alive. Also, technically, All Might still possesses One For All so he isn’t an “ex-user” of it yet. All Might still has the ability to turn back into his muscle form for a few brief moments. This suggests that the quirk is still with him but his body just cannot withstand the burden that comes with it.

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