Boku no Hero Academia S04 E25: What to Expect?

‘My Hero Academia’ knows exactly how to keep its fans all hyped up. Hawks had always been quite a popular figure among the manga crowd of ‘BHA’ but now that he’s finally here in the anime as well, that too, with the potential of being one of the pivotal figures of Season 5, fans of the shows can’t help but eagerly for what lies ahead. Season 4 is about to end with an epic showdown and to make sure that you don’t miss out on it, read on further to know everything about its streaming details and release date.

When is My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 25 Release Date?

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 4 Episode 25 will release on April 4, 2020. You can stream the English dubbed version of the anime on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 25 Spoilers: What to Expect?

The 24th episode of ‘My Hero Academia’ initiates a whole new arc in which the new “Japanese Hero Billboard Chart” is introduced. The rankings in the chart turn out to be pretty much as expected. Endeavor, who had previously been at number 1 temporarily, now becomes the top-ranked hero. Right after him, as most would expect, comes Hawks, the youngest hero in the top ten rankings. Hawks, as always, tries to act over-smart and gives a very unsettling speech. And because of his speech, Endeavor is eventually left with nothing to say. So instead of making big claims about how great of a hero he’ll be, he simply says that he’ll let his actions do the talking.

After the ceremony is over, Endeavor first casually confronts Hawks for making it so awkward for him. But after fooling around for a while, Hawks gets to the serious business and starts telling him about the rumors surrounding the Nomu. Although Endeavor dismisses all of these as baseless rumors, he realizes that if any of them hold any truth, they’ll have a tough time facing these creatures.  There’s also a small cut scene in which Dabi makes his appearance, but nothing much about him is revealed. He’ll probably be the key antagonist in the arc that lies ahead and he might also be the one who revived the Nomu in the first place.

In the closing moments of the episode, just when Endeavor and Hawks are discussing about Nomu, one actually appears right outside their building and although they are both freakishly strong, Nomu is the kind of creature that possesses multiple quirks and on top of that, also has regenerative abilities. So even for two of the strongest known heroes, it won’t be an easy task to defeat a Nomu.

And it is also a possibility that there are many other Nomu out there. The final episode of the season will only give us a glimpse of what potentially lies ahead. A battle will ensue between the top two heroes and the Nomu, and after struggling a little, the two heroes will be able to defeat it. However, this will show how strong these Nomu are and how hard it defeats them. Not to mention, the most admired villain of the series, Dabi, is finally here.

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