10 Bollywood Movies That Deserve to be Remade

First and foremost, this article has not been written with the intention to question the credentials of the movies, but to merely point out the dissatisfaction on how good the movies on the list actually could have been. With that said, here’s the list of the Bollywood movies that need to be remade.. properly.


1. PK

PK is a satirical movie that questions the commercialization of religion and the exploitation that occurs in the name of it. The plot revolves around an alien, played by elf-eared Aamir Khan, who is trapped on the earth and is unable to contact his spaceship because the amulet that can call his spaceship is stolen from him. In his search for that amulet, he is introduced to the varying religious beliefs in India and the exploitation that occurs through its commercialization. Even though the idea isn’t really original (remember Oh my God?), the premise of the movie is promising. I expected a movie with rational outlook, however, there was no rationality whatsoever in its storytelling. A movie that was expected to be intelligent with a message, turned out to be comical (unintentionally at times) and entertaining, albeit with that message. It is riddled with exaggerated clichés, blatant sermons, and volcanic emotional strokes. PK is an important film, but could it have been better? Yes, it could have been so much better.


2. 3 Idiots

Another Aamir Khan-Hirani combo movie that a showed lots of promise and for all its commercial success, I can’t help but feel that it could have been so much better. Loosely based on Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone, the story follows Farhan and Raju who are looking for their long-lost friend Rancho who became strangely elusive after their graduation. They recall the memories of their college days and how Rancho inspired them to think differently and adopt a refreshing outlook towards their education, career, and life. The entertaining comedy-drama starts with a lot of promise that however, loses its way in the second half with an overdose of melodrama, ludicrous situations, and unnecessary revelations. The less said about the concluding scene in the hostel, the better! Three Idiots is not a bad movie, but it had potential to be greater! I would definitely love to see it remade.


3. Ek Thi Daayan

A tale of two halves! While the first half of the movie was scary, spooky and kept me on the edge of my seat, the second half descends into a hell of mediocrity. The pace slackens, the plot weakens, and the plot takes a completely different route. It becomes too cheesy and silly to be scared of. The climax is idiotic and descends further down into, may I say Vikram Bhatt territory? Strictly based on the first half, Ek Thi Daayan had the potential to be one of the finest horror movies of the Indian Cinema. Unfortunately, it was an opportunity lost. Can we give it another shot, please?


4. Tamasha

Tamasha talks about love. Tamasha talks about passion. But most importantly Tamasha talks about finding your own inner-self that has been lost to a robotic automated life and the accepted conventions of the society. This is a thought-provoking movie about Ved’s (portrayed by Ranbir Kapoor) journey to find himself and his eventual transformation once he embraces it. There are some moments in his journey that reach out to us and come alive. But the final resolution that leads to the transformation feels too orchestrated, easy and not entirely fulfilling. It just doesn’t get there! But with a little polish, it might just get there and reach soaring heights.


5. Baahubali

Baahubali is an epic fantasy movie that conjures up a mythical world filled with magic, beautiful wonders, and larger-than-life characters. With spectacular visuals and impressive special effects (impressive for Indian cinema at least), Baahubali presents itself as a grand and spellbinding saga destined to mark the beginning of new-age cinema in India. Even though the effort is valiant, the content falls short. Even though the movie is good in parts, the storyline is weak and acting felt too crass. Baahubali is a step in right direction, but, it’s still just a small step. I do not agree with the hype and paranoia that surrounds its quality. Baahubali could have been so much better!