Born This Way: Where Are They Now?

A&E’s Emmy Award-winning docuseries, ‘Born This Way,’ is a reality television show that premiered in 2015. It features seven fun-loving adults with Down syndrome going about their lives while working hard to achieve their dreams and overcome hindrances. As it has been a while since the four-part series wrapped up in 2019, fans have been wondering about the current whereabouts of the ‘Born This Way’ castmates.

Rachel Osterbach Now Maintains a Low Profile

Rachel Osterbach is one of the most loved cast members of the series, thanks to her charming personality. She previously worked in the insurance industry for 13 years as a mailroom assistant. For more than nine years, she served as the global messenger for Special Olympics Southern California. Rachel also traveled extensively throughout the region to help raise funds and awareness while interacting with groups of all sizes. After the show wrapped up in 2019, Rachel became an advocate for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The public motivational speaker hopes to be a role model for those like her.

2022 was a busy year for Rachel. She reunited with her favorite singer-songwriter, Adam Lambert, and shared glimpses of the same with her ardent fans. In the same year, on her 40th birthday in December, her fellow ‘Born This Way’ castmate Cristina Sanz dropped by to ring in the celebrations with her other friends and family. It was also the year she appeared on ‘Love on the Spectrum,’ and was introduced to her eventual boyfriend, Subodh Garg. However, after her relationship ended in 2022, Rachel has kept a distance from social media. She has maintained a low profile, and it isn’t clear whether she is currently dating someone, as all her social media profiles are inactive.

Sean McElwee is Now Focusing on His Flourishing Entrepreneurial Venture

An absolute charmer and self-professed “ladies” man, Sean had his struggles since childhood, none of which he allowed to deter him. His mother had written three books on him, outlining the struggles Sean, a gifted athlete since childhood, had faced while attempting to navigate school life and people. He attended community college and studied drama to work on his articulation to fulfill his lifelong dream of appearing in front of the camera.

Sean’s aspirations eventually paid off when he became a part of the hit A&E show. While Sean loves his independence, nothing makes him more happy than being able to make his own decisions. After the show ended, he traveled across the country, meeting and interacting with fans and spreading awareness about Down syndrome. He also started to shift his focus to his own business venture, SEANESE. He designs fun and quirky t-shirts with quotes and things he wishes to say that people may relate to and feel good about.

Sean has furthered his goodwill by taking a portion of his sales to provide free and low-cost onesies to organizations working with Down syndrome to add to their new parent baskets. He has a YouTube show, ‘TheSeanShow,’ where he shares about himself and takes interviews with his fellow castmates, but the page has been dormant for a year. Sean has also been traveling quite a bit and shares fun snaps of his adventures with his friends and family on his social media profiles.

John Tucker Now Has a Thriving Career as a Rapper

John Tucker’s love for music was quite evident on the show. The thorough entertainer from Los Angeles, California, loved expressing himself using music, dance, and writing. His fondness for rapping also saw him meticulously work on his debut album, ‘JT: The Project,’ with the support of his large family. While John had made it clear that he intended to take his passion for music to the next level, once the season wrapped up, he turned his dreams into reality.

Going with his rap name, MC Down, John made quite some waves as the first rapper with Down syndrome. He collaborated with DJ Hymn, and the two performed at ‘America’s Got Talent,’ in 2024, earning rave reviews for their latest track, “Down For You.” They were joined by Straight Up Abilities, a crew of incredibly talented performers with intellectual disabilities. John also donned the teacher’s hat and took a class at University High School at the beginning of 2024. While John has enjoyed traveling and spending time with family, he has also kept his social media profiles buzzing with frequent updates for fans looking to stay connected with his life.

Steven Clark Has Been Staying Away From Social Media

Steven Clark, from Irvine, California, was born with a rare form of Down syndrome called Mosaic Down syndrome. What sets this form apart is that not every cell in his body has an extra twenty-first chromosome. Thus, he does not share all the similar characteristics of a person with Down syndrome. Growing up, this bothered him quite a bit as he struggled to fit in and felt like he was stuck somewhere in the middle. However, his loving and enthusiastic personality on the show made everyone a fan of the gentleman!

After ‘Born This Way’ wrapped up in 2019, Steven made an appearance in the series, ‘Meet the Biz’ in 2020. Sometime later, he landed a job at MOD Pizza via Best Buddies California in 2020. Since he had already been a member of the MOD Squad and was a massive lover of pizzas, he was thrilled about the opportunity to work with MOD. Since then, Steven has stayed away from social media and has preferred to maintain a low profile in the company of his friends and family.

Cristina Sanz is Focused on Her Health and Family

Christina Sanz, a Long Beach, California native with roots in Spain, had an adorable love story to share. She had been in a relationship with Angel Callahan for five years before her appearance on the show. The much-in-love pair could not wait to start their life together after Angel had proposed to her during a romantic dinner in the first season. They eventually married on the show on March 29, 2018, leaving fans mushy, seeing true love win against all odds.

Despite Christina and Angel’s hopes of leading a happy married life together, the two reportedly parted ways sometime in late 2022 or early 2023. She now lives with her parents, and the fun-loving family often snaps of holidays, outings, and their blissful moments. Christina likes traveling with friends and often shares pictures on her social media profile.

Megan Bomgaars is Now an Entrepreneur and Public Speaker

Megan broke into the spotlight with her video, ‘Don’t Limit Me.’ The petite young woman and her mother, Kris AKA Megan’s dream maker, made an inseparable team on the show and beyond. After the series wrapped up, Megan decided to utilize her platform to spread awareness about Down syndrome. In March 2020, on Down Syndrome Day, Megan partnered with beauty conglomerate Sephora to help raise awareness for the community.

The following year, Megan delivered the keynote address at the Thompson Policy Institute on the 2021 Disability Virtual Summit on DisAbility and Inclusion, encouraging educational institutes to help children achieve their dreams and not limit them. The same year, her first book, ‘Born to Sparkle,’ was also published. Her second book, ‘Born Brave,’ is set to release in March 2024.

After completing her education at the University of Colorado, the talented starlet started her company, Megology, where she sells all sorts of homegrown products. Megan also modeled for fun and shared snaps of her gorgeous photoshoots with her fans. The fun-loving and resilient woman and her strong mother are often seen spending time together, doing all sorts of activities, and sharing glimpses of those on their social media profiles. However, in January 2024, Megan suffered from a terrible bout of pneumonia. As she continued to make steady progress, she shared the news with her well-wishers and urged everyone to make their health a priority.

Elena Ashmore Prefers to Keep Her Life Private

Elena Sharpay Ashmore belonged to a multicultural family, as she was born to a Japanese mother and an Australian father. She had carried the influence of both worlds throughout her life but often struggled to accept herself as well as her disability. She decided to further her understanding of her troubles by studying Pathway at UCLA. Her conflicts with herself inspired her fellow castmates to re-examine their ideas of self-image.

After the show wrapped up, Elena, who was quite shy and reserved, decided to keep her life private. Despite having a social media presence, the Los Angeles, California resident, whose relationship status suggests she is currently engaged, prefers to keep her personal life away from the limelight.

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