Boyd and Stephanie Householder: Circle of Hope Owners Are Facing Legal Action

Delving into the concept of faith and power imbalance, Investigation Discovery’s ‘Let Us Prey: A Ministry of Scandals’ sheds light on various people who allegedly took undue advantage of the role they had as members of the Independent Fundamentalist Baptist (IFB). Boyd and Stephanie Householder certainly did seem to fit the bill, given the actions that they were accused of having committed as the founders of Circle of Hope. So, it is only natural that their current whereabouts are something that we cannot help but wonder about.

Who are Boyd and Stephanie Householder?

Based in Cedar County, Missouri, Boyd and Stephanie Householder are a married couple who established the Circle of Hope Girls Ranch. Affiliated with IFB, they were responsible for overseeing many young girls, though the happening with the Householder’s home and establishment did not sit right with many, especially their own daughter Amanda Householder, who was publically opened up about how she was forcefully made to work and was often beaten up for the sexual gratification of her parents. She also shared how her parents often made her punish the girls who attended the Missouri Ranch.

Boyd Householder

As for the young girls who were seemingly under the case of the Householders, many of them have come forward to share exactly what had been going on at the establishment. Consider Maggie Drew, who had been at the Ranch from 2007-2013. She shared how she was sent to the establishment due to allegedly false accusations levied against her by her pastor regarding sex and drug possessions. She then detailed how she had been unable to contact her stepmother and father for her first 30 days at the Ranch.

According to the further stories shared by Drew, the girls were often asked to discipline each other, including meeting out punishment whenever a rule was allegedly broken. Some of the punishments enforced by the Hsoueholders included girls throwing each other around, sitting on others, and forcefully restraining someone who was apparently to be punished. The Householders themselves would apparently restrain some of the girls with handcuffs and zip ties.

Amanda Householder

However, Drew’s story did not end there as she went on to detail how Boyd Householder would often touch her inappropriately and kiss her. She claimed that the action committed by the man and his wife impacted her emotionally and psychologically in a severe manner. Unfortunately, Drew is not the only one who has made such claims about the Householders over the years, with several of their former residents of the Circle of Hope Girls Ranch coming forward to add their own accusations against the duo.

Where Are Boyd and Stephanie Householder Now?

Boyd and Stephanie Householder were arrested in March 2021 following the numerous charges that were levied against them. The couple were charged with more than 100 felonies connected to their actions against all those who have spoken against the two. The majority of charges, more specifically 80, were levied against Boyd for acts of sexual misconduct and neglect of minors under his care. Stephanie was also made to answer for accusations that were dated as far back as 2018. In March 2022, their daughter, Amanda Householder, added her own lawsuits against the duo.

Stephanie Householder

By August 2022, nearly thirty lawsuits had been filed against the Householders in about two years. Circle of Hope Girls Ranc was also closed following the legal accusations against the establishment and its owners. Their association with Agape Boarding School, which has also come under fire for similar accusations, has certainly not done the Householders any favors. Their trial, which was scheduled to begin in November 2023, is much anticipated. It has been revealed that the Missouri Attorney General has offered Stephanie a plea deal should she agree to testify against her husband, though her response to the same has yet to be made public.

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