Brian Spinks Murder: Where is Kimethia “Kim” Coleman Now?

Image Credit: John Andrew Prime/Find A Grave

911 operators in Shreveport, Louisiana, received an alarming phone call on  January 17, 2010, informing them of a possible homicide. When first responders rushed to the site, they found Brian Spinks lying dead in a pool of his own blood. Besides, investigators mentioned that they were shocked by the brutality and gruesomeness of the crime. Investigation Discovery’s ‘Deadly Women: Suspicious Minds’ chronicles the incident and charts the investigation that brought the perpetrator to justice.

How Did Brian Spinks Die?

To most, Brian Spinks was a loving and kindhearted family man who enjoyed a perfect life with his girlfriend. He was a Staff Sergeant with the United States Air Force and even had two successful overseas tours under his belt. Known as a generous person, neighbors mentioned how Brian never hesitated to help others and always maintained a friendly relationship with others around him. People even talked about his relationship with his girlfriend and how they appeared to be the perfect American family. Besides, with zero indication of trouble, no one had any idea about the tragedy that would claim Brian’s life.

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On January 17, 2010, 911 operators in Shreveport, Louisiana, received a frantic call informing them of a possible robbery that resulted in a homicide. First responders immediately rushed to the location and were left petrified by the brutal sight of Brian’s mutilated body. He was lying on the kitchen floor in a pool of his own blood, while an initial medical investigation noticed numerous stab wounds all over the victim’s body. Later, an autopsy determined that the Staff Sergeant was stabbed almost sixty times to death, while the police were able to recover two bloody knives from the crime scene, out of which one had a broken blade.

Who Killed Brian Spinks?

Since Brian’s girlfriend, Kimethia “Kim” Coleman, was present at the scene when first responders discovered the murder, she became an immediate suspect. However, Kim insisted on her innocence and claimed that an intruder had broken into their home and stabbed her boyfriend to death. On top of it, she had knife wounds on her own arms, which she claimed were made by the attacker. Thus, with no evidence to go on, the police had to accept her statement and move along. Yet, they were shocked to learn that Kim and Brian had been navigating a rocky relationship in the months leading up to the murder.

Some of Brian’s friends came forward and claimed that even though Brian genuinely loved Kim, she was not satisfied until she controlled every minute of his life. Hence, the girlfriend would often get suspicious if the Staff Sergeant went out with his friends, and she even took his phone to spy on all his conversations. Naturally, Brian was tired of Kim’s behavior, but she showed no sign of stopping as her jealousy increased with each passing day. Hence, he took the decision to distance himself from his girlfriend and live his own life.

Unfortunately, this made Kim even angrier as she hated being rejected, and the girlfriend went on to stalk Brian in the following days. In fact, the show even speaks of an incident when Kim barged inside a nightclub and picked a fight with another girl since she believed that the latter was interested in her boyfriend. Eventually, tired of being controlled by his girlfriend, Brian chose to end things for good. Hence, the next time Kim came around, he informed her of his decision and insisted that their relationship was over.

The development proved to be the final straw, as Kim lost her temper and began attacking Brian with her hands. Even though he tried his best to control her, she somehow entered the house, made her way to the kitchen, picked up a knife, and began stabbing Brian incessantly. Even though Kim had insisted on her innocence when questioned, the 911 operator mentioned that she could hear Brian pleading for help in the background before his girlfriend ended his life while still on the call.

On the other hand, forensic evidence determined that the knife wounds on Kim’s arm were self-inflicted and not the result of an external attack. Thus, with enough evidence, the police questioned Kim again, and this time she claimed she killed Brian in self-defense. However, authorities were not satisfied with the statement, and they arrested Kim before charging her with her boyfriend’s murder.

Kimethia “Kim” Coleman is Still Behind Bars

When presented in court, Kim pled not guilty and insisted on her self-defense claim. Her lawyers even tried to play an insanity angle, but the jury believed otherwise and convicted Kim of second-degree murder. As a result, she was sentenced to life in prison without parole in 2012. Since then, Kim has tried to get her sentence and conviction overturned, but with her petitions denied in court, she remains behind bars at a prison under the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

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