Brogan Wu: Serving the Hamptons Star is Also a Food Vlogger

Max’s reality docuseries, ‘Serving the Hampton,’ which premiered in 2022, gives viewers a glimpse into the functioning of renowned Turkish restauranter Zach Erdem’s eatery, 75 Main in the Hamptons. It follows his efficient crew as they try to work in tandem to create the perfect experience for the guests, even while dealing with everyday struggles of their own. Brogan Wu is the trusted chef of Zach’s, who dishes out lip-smacking dishes for the rich and varied clientele of the eatery to ensure they keep coming back for the experience and the taste!

Brogan Wu Has Both Chinese and Irish Ancestry

Brogan Wu was born in 1995 and raised in Ridgewood and Saddle River, New Jersey. Her parents are Wayne Wu and Michelle Wu. She has three siblings; Cory Wu, Lucia Wu, and Gavin Wu. Brogan considers her youngest brother to be the best gift her parents have ever given her, and the two share a very good bond. In 2014, she enrolled at the Ramapo College of New Jersey in Mahwah and earned a degree in Contemporary Arts.

In college, she was quite interested in ceramics and took classes on the same. The love and passion for cooking developed quite late for her and was courtesy of her parents. As her mother would try to feed her healthy, her father would give her the junk food to balance it out. It was when she’d started cooking meals for herself that she finally began to enjoy the process and decided to take her liking and pursue it further. Brogan has Irish and Chinese mixed ancestry from both her parents and currently resides in Brick, New Jersey.

Brogan Wu Started Working While She Was in College

Brogan started her professional career just as she stepped into college in 2014. Her first job was as a Head Assistant to the Managing Partner at Integral Derivatives LLC. While her stay at the job was quite short, she soon moved on to the role of an office manager at Village of Ridgewood Taxi. She stayed at the job for a couple of years and learned the basics of handling clients and ensuring the correct execution of requests and reservations.

Thereafter, she eventually entered the world of food, albeit marginally, by joining as an Executive Assistant at Golden Platter Foods, Inc. in 2022. However, it was in the midst of her job changes in 2019 that she started to post her cooking videos on YouTube, and her career in the food and beverage industry from there on started to take flight.

A huge fan of legendary television personality Martha Stewart, Brogan Wu tries to imbibe a bit of her style into her cooking experiments. The quirky and fun chef considers her cooking craft to be “a little Martha Stewart and a little Morticia Addams.” Being an up-and-coming chef, Wu has found her name in Food Network’s latest Hot List for 2023, which consists of names of food personalities who are the upcoming culinary champions within the content space. Other than being the chef on ‘Serving the Hamptons,’ Wu also cooks for small parties and gatherings, thus expanding her cooking endeavors beyond reality television and social media.

Brogan Wu is Pretty Secretive About Her Dating Life

While Brogan’s cooking exploits are doing wonders, she has ensured that the attention concerning her name remains fixed on her professional achievements only. Brogan seems to have consciously chosen against sharing insights into her personal life, a fact that can be seen in her social media. Although she does have a personal private account, the food vlogger’s official page only stands testament to her brilliant culinary skills and food knowledge.

In the first season of the series, there was a mention of Peter, a boy that she had liked, who happened to be the brother-in-law of her best friend. He had come to visit her at the beach house too. However, it isn’t clear as to what happened to their equation thereafter. Nonetheless, Brogan has managed to amass a healthy fan following in all her socials, which includes TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, courtesy of her cooking videos and experiments.

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