When Will Tyler Perry’s Bruh Return?

‘Bruh’, created, written, executive produced and directed by Tyler Pey, is a BET+ show that dropped on May 7, 2020. Created as a spinoff to ‘Sistas’, it follows the lives of a bunch of 30-something friends as they explore the world of dating, careers, and friendship. The story explores the stereotypes against African American men in contemporary society. The series, which was originally commissioned for 24 episodes, however, went on a mid-season break after airing its 12th episode on July 9, 2020. So, when can we expect ‘Bruh’ to return with the rest of its episodes? Read on!

Bruh Episode 13 Release Date:

BET+ has finally announced the air date for the second half of ‘Bruh’ season 1. ‘Bruh’ episode 13 will release on September 10, 2020.

Where to Stream Bruh Episode 13 Online?

‘Bruh’ airs exclusively on BET+. So, the best way to catch the episodes is to stream them as and when they land on the SVOD service. Live-streaming platforms for shows that air on streaming networks are rare and this is the case with ‘Bruh’ as well. However, luckily, Amazon Prime gives you the option to include BET+ in its subscription package and watch all of its shows online.

Bruh Episode 12 Recap

‘Bruh’ revolves around John, Tom, and Mike, and their various trysts as they attempt to balance love, careers, and life goals. The story starts off with John looking out for financial back up for his business and Tom deals with his breakup with a coworker. Mike allows Pam to decorate his loft. John finally makes an arrangement with Leon but later, doubts his decision. Bill receives a bit of surprising news from his ex-girlfriend while John gets into an argument with his friends for not having confidence in him.

Tom unravels the identity of John’s benefactor and Mike is uncertain about committing to Pam. On the other hand, Bill cannot get over Regina and ends up revealing his emotions before her. Mike eventually starts setting up his boundaries with Pam and again has second thoughts when he sees her with another man. Tom tries to keep John from making a mistake while Regina seeks Alice’s advice regarding her relationship with Bill. Soon, the altercation between John and the other two boys reaches a boiling point but later, they attempt to make amends with him. As John progresses both in his love and professional lives, Mike tries to patch things up with Pam. Mike eventually thinks that he should be serious in his commitment.

In the mid-season finale, Bill plans on following his heart despite a growing controversy. However, things between Mike and Regina get heated when the former becomes aggressive during a date. Bill and John also crash Regina’s bachelorette party while Tom discovers someone unexpected waiting at his door. For the entire story, head to BET+ and catch up on all of the released episodes if you have not yet.

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