Buddy Daddies Season 1 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Buddy Daddies’ episode 12 titled ‘Daughter Daddies’ Rei and Kazuki ensure that Miri does not learn about her mother’s death and drop her at the day-case before taking on the dangerous mission to meet Shigeki. When they eventually arrive at his mansion, the two assassins forcefully enter the property and fight all the guards. Although they are far better fighters than all the men there, Ogino single-handedly fights the duo and gives them a lot of trouble. Buddy Daddies Season 1 Finale Recap

Rei and Kazuki Confront Shigeki

Misaki’s death has naturally disturbed Rei and Kazuki but they manage to keep it all buried deep within their hearts. Meanwhile, they now pay extra attention to Miri as they are concerned about her well-being. One day they drop her off at the daycare promising that they would return to get her. They then meet Kyuutarou to discuss their mission.

It turns out that the duo has planned to confront Shigeki and his organization to put an end to the menace that claimed Misaki’s life. They are well-aware of the risks but still eventually reach the mansion. There they find guards outside, who thoroughly check them. But after the guards inform the duo that only Rei is allowed inside, they beat them all up.

Is Ogino Dead?

Soon after infiltrating Shigeki’s mansion, Kazuki accidentally runs into Ogino. The assassin is ruthless and immediately pushes Kazuki to the ground after which he points a gun in his direction. Ogino then asks him whether he has figured out his last words, but before he could pull the trigger, Rei attacks him from behind. This leads to a brief gunfight in which the two enemies attack each other.

Eventually, Rei gets hurt and falls to the ground following which Kazuki comes to his rescue. He checks up on his friend and ensures that he is alive. Kazuki is glad that Rei did not sustain any serious injuries and when Ogino eventually finds them, he puts his own life on the line to distract the villain. Ogino is relentless like always and manages to corner Kazuki after shooting him in the leg. He then inquires what Misaki’s last words were and upon learning that she simply remembered her daughter, Ogino claims that she only achieved mundane love in her life.

When he is about to kill Kazuki too, the latter pulls out a small cylinder claiming that he will take the assassin with him. This creates an opening for Rei who tries to stab Ogino from the back. But the assassin showcases incredible reflexes and manages to avoid getting hit. However, after a brief fight, Kazuki comes to Rei’s help and stabs Ogino in the neck. After Rei pushes him to the ground, the knife slashes Ogino’s throat after which he slowly dies.

Does Rei Leave the Organization?

After Rei has ensured that he and Kazuki had fought everyone in the mansion, he tells his friend to wait for him outside as he wants to talk to his father alone. He later informs Shigeki that he is leaving the organization. Shigeki naturally does not want to accept the decision and argues that Rei cannot reject his fate. But when he continues to show his stubbornness, Shigeki pulls out a gun and tries to shoot his own son.

However, Rei is faster than him and manages to shoot his father in the shoulder after which he is unable to use the gun. He then confesses to his father that the techniques he taught him to survive have benefitted him immensely and even claims that they are the sole reason that he is alive. But then Rei argues that begin away from him has taught him so much more. He then goes on to talk about his experiences with Kazuki and Miri, revealing the influence that it has had on him.

Since Shigeki cares so much about Rei being a part of the organization primarily because of his assassination skills, he shoots himself in the arm to ensure that he is no longer of any use to his father. As he is walking away, Shigeki points the gun in his direction but does not shoot. Later Rei and Kazuki make it back to the daycare in time. In the following years, the two assassins turn their life around by earning money legally and raising Miri.

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