Budge Collinson: Everything We Know

FOX’s dating reality show, ‘Labor of Love’, throws the spotlight on 15 men, all vying for former ‘Bachelor’ contestant Kristy Katzmann’s heart. Kristy is in search of the love of her life and the future father to her child. One of the dashing singles in the competition is Budge Collinson. So, who is he and how did he land on the show? Read on to find out every detail about him.

Budge Collinson: Where is He From?

Collinson is from Edgewater, Maryland. However, his Twitter handle shows him to be from West Palm Beach, Florida. But do not be confused. He makes frequent visits to the sunshine state. This is mainly because he owns his own health drink brand and needs to make regular trips for his business.


Budge Collinson: Age and Profession

At the time of filming, Collinson is 44 years old. A creative director by profession, he is the founder of a health drink called Youth Infusion. When he was young, Budge always wanted to be a sports player. Although he could not achieve his dream at the professional level, he is still interested in athletics and human performance. He dedicates a huge chunk of his spare time at the gym, sweating it out and concentrating on his fitness.


Budge’s creation, Youth Infusion, is the perfect drink in the morning before workout sessions. It adds flavor to regular water and helps athletes stay hydrated by replenishing the nutrients lost during a grueling workout. Apart from being extremely business-oriented, Collinson loves anything that keeps him fit — be it lifting weights or going for an outdoor hike. He is a dedicated reader and continually spends his time on research about the nutritional supplement industry.

In his own words and as stated on his brand’s website, his mantra in life is to “seek first to understand and then to be understood.” According to him, it is necessary to understand someone first before giving an opinion.

Budge Collinson Prediction: How Far Will He Go?


Budge describes himself as passionate, dedicated, and honest. He is quite close to his mother and if you see his social media presence, you will easily gauge that he is measured, humble, and the perfect gentleman. He has got what it takes to achieve his dreams. Budge’s love for nature and regular health tips for his followers prove that he is a kind, considerate person — something that’s vital for someone to be a father and a husband. His profile looks promising and we are positive that he will go a long way in the show. Whether he wins Kristy’s heart or not — well, that remains to be seen.

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