Bungo Stray Dogs Season 5 Finale Recap and Ending, Explained

In ‘Bungo Stray Dogs’ season 5 finale or episode 11 titled ‘Twilight Goodbye,’ Fukuzawa wakes up again and starts fighting Fukuchi, who is not prepared for an unexpected attack. Meanwhile, Aya manages to free Bram-chan by jumping from the tower and pushing the table that is tied to the sword inside the latter’s body. Elsewhere, Fyodor escapes the Mersault prison and takes the antidote from Sigma.

Aya Tries to Rescue Bram

Despite trying her best, Aya has been unable to remove the holy sword from Bram-chan and free him from his misery. Meanwhile, Akutgawa has easily dominated Atsushi in their fight while Fyodor manages to escape the Mersault prison first. Sigma is waiting for him outside and asks him how he was able to communicate with his minions. It turns out that Sigma has been using the vampires to send messages outside all this time. As he celebrates his victory, Fyodor takes the antidote from Sigma and boards a helicopter that is going to be flown by two vampires.

Meanwhile, Aya realizes how she can free Bram-chan. She jumps right onto the table that he hanging from the tower and the pressure is enough to finally remove the sword. As Bram is freed, he becomes Aya’s knight for her selflessness. Elsewhere, Fukuzawa wakes up again and tries to attack Fukuchi. The latter stabs him with Amenogozen but Fukuzawa uses his body to twist the sword in a manner that he is able to make a deep cut to Fukuchi’s neck. 

What Was Fukuchi’s Plan? Is Fukuchi Dead?

After Fukuchi is stabbed with his own sword by Fukuzawa, the two old friends end up in Poe’s novel space. Ouchi reminds Fukuzawa that today is the day when UN Security Council Resolution 2415 will be voted on. It is a special amendment in which a special command is formed that overrides the command of each nation’s military. The commander-in-chief will hold the One Order and will take over all the world’s forces, but it won’t be to dominate the world. Fukuzawa finally realizes Fukuchi’s true goal, which is to get rid of war. 

Fukuchi then reveals that he had learned about a prophecy of a world war 36 years from now because of Amenogozen. In that war, a total of 210 million were going to lose their lives because of advanced autonomous and bioweapons. All of that was started because of multinational conflicts. Fukuchi then points out that war has been a part of life for humans for centuries as there have always been rival factions to fight against. 

Fukuchi wanted to get rid of this idea of us and them, which contributed to so many wars. In order to achieve that goal, he himself became the common enemy of humanity. Now that he is recognized as such, he asks Fukuzawa to kill him so that he can take the One Order from him and also become the commander-in-chief of the human race. Although he initially agrees, Fukuzawa realizes that he does not have the strength to do it. It turns out that Fukuchi has predicted this as well and Teruko suddenly stabs him from behind. Fukuchi dies in Fukuzawa’s hands, while he weeps for his friend and his ultimate sacrifice. 

What Happens to Fyodor?

When Fyodor tells Sigma that he plans to come after him, the latter appears to be excited by their probable confrontation. As he turns around, he is suddenly startled by the loud noise of the suitcase that had the antidote falling to the ground. He is surprised as he cannot comprehend why Fyodor would be so careless with something so important. As Sigma turns back, he is shocked to see Fyodor stabbed in the stomach with a rod by one of the zombies who was supposed to fly the helicopter. Suddenly, Dazai shows up looking as if he never was injured in the first place.

Dazai explains that Chuuya was never a vampire to begin with so he was always on his side. The bullet that he appeared to kill him with actually never penetrated his skull as the two friends had practiced it a million times in the past. To top it all, Bram-chan was freed from the clutches of the holy sword at the right time for Rampo to negotiate with him. Bram eventually told the vampire to stab Fyodor. However, Dazai was not done yet. The vampire then flew the helicopter into the Mersault prison, killing Fyodor immediately. 

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