Camerina Trujillo Perez Murder: What Happened to Luis Montes?

Investigation Discovery’s ‘In Pursuit With John Walsh’ follows the titular criminal investigator who becomes a part of the investigation as he tracks down convicts and helps find missing people. In the episode titled ‘Blood in the Streets,’ we get a detailed account of the mysterious murder case of Camerina Trujillo Perez, who disappeared for a few days before she turned up dead inside her vehicle. As the investigators dug deeper, some dark aspects of her life hinted at a potential perpetrator on the run.

Camerina Trujillo’s Body Was Found in a Parking Lot

Born on May 29, 1983, Camerina Trujillo Perez came into the world of her parents and the rest of the family as a little bundle of joy. Growing up amongst the company of her loved ones, she turned out to be a free-spirited woman who had the ability to light up any room she walked into. By the time she was in her 30s, she was a mother residing in Pflugerville, Texas. Moreover, she had been dating a guy named Luis Montes.

With plenty of things to look forward to, the 38-year-old mother went missing on January 25, 2022, at 4 am at 21400 Derby Day Avenue in Pflugerville, Texas. The police wasted no time in commencing an expansive search for Camerina in and around the area where she was last seen. More than a couple of weeks passed, but there was no sign of her and her vehicle. Finally, on the evening of February 13, 2022, she was found inside her 2014 blue Chevrolet Sonic in a commercial parking lot in the 12300 block of North SH 130 northbound service road.

The police rushed to the site and found Camerina’s remains, indicating she had been dead for a few weeks. Although an autopsy of the body confirmed her identity, the manner and cause of death could still not be reported. Taping the scene, they began looking for any kind of evidence in and around the vehicle. Then, the investigators turned the missing person’s case into a homicide and started investigating how long her car was in the parking lot and how it came to be there.

Camerina Trujillo Was Allegedly Murdered by Luis Montes

Along with Camerina Trujillo Perez, her boyfriend, Luis Montes, also went missing the same day she did, raising suspicion in the minds of the police. When they began the interrogation process, her loved ones alleged that they had been dating and were last seen together on January 24, 2022. Moreover, her family members claimed that since he had threatened her before, she could be in some real danger. Furthermore, her vehicle was reportedly spotted traveling north through Temple on January 27. Upon interviewing Camerina’s daughter, they learned that it had only been a while since Camerina and Luis began dating.

Allegedly, when she tried to end things with him, he told her that “he would kill himself or do something stupid.” Her daughter even believed that he had installed a tracking device on Camerina’s car as he used to turn up in places she was at, even when she had not told anybody. The same thing happened on January 24 when she had gone on a date with another man at a grocery store, where Luis saw them together, hugging and kissing. Soon after, he called her and decided to meet at a GEFCU bank parking lot at 900 FM 685. Thanks to the bank’s security footage, the investigators could witness the gruesome exchange between the couple.

As both of their cars pulled up in the parking lot, it didn’t take long for the meeting to turn into a heated argument that resulted in him repeatedly assaulting her to the point that she allegedly died. When they referred to his cell phone data of the fateful day, it suggested that the suspect parked his car at a nearby H-E-B before he took Camerina’s car to his house. On the same night, he then drove her car down to Lake Pflugerville, supposedly to dispose of her body and destroy evidence before vanishing. So, before Camerina’s body was even found, the authorities made it official that Luis had been charged with her killing, and his bail was set at $1 million.

While searching for his whereabouts, they turned to his father, who was afraid that his son might end up hurting someone else. On January 25, a CLEAR Alert was issued by the police during the search of the couple, asking the public to help in locating them. The following day, Camerina’s vehicle was spotted in The Home Depot parking lot at 2551 North I-35, thanks to the security footage of the area. It also showed that it was headed to a nearby Walmart, where Luis could be seen using the vehicle. Although Camerina was found dead a couple of weeks later, Luis remains at large, with the police finding no clues or leads.

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