Camp Courage: Where Are Milana and Her Mom Now?

Netflix’s ‘Camp Courage’ is a tale of bravery and tenacity. Directed by Max Lowe, it revolves around the experiences of a young girl named Milana, who confronts exceptional challenges. Milana, along with her grandmother Olga, embarks on a journey to a camp nestled in the Austrian Alps. Despite facing numerous difficulties, she endeavors to maintain a courageous demeanor, navigating obstacles while still embracing the joys of youth. If you’re interested in exploring this touching and uplifting voyage with Milana, we have all the information you need. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Milana’s Camp Courage Journey

In July 2022, 10-year-old Milana embarked on her journey from Bratislava, Slovakia, accompanied by her grandmother, Olga, for a week-long camp. Filled with excitement for the adventures awaiting her, Milana packed her belongings, and together, they departed early in the morning for Piesendorf, Austria. Originally hailing from Ukraine, Milana and Olga had sought refuge in Slovakia following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. Olga recounted the harrowing experiences they had endured during that period.

She explained that everything had unfolded abruptly, forcing her to conceal Milana in their building’s basement and provide her with food and clothing from their home upstairs. After a considerable amount of time, they became part of the two million people who fled their country, with approximately 165,000 of them seeking refuge in Slovakia. Milana was initially thrilled about her time at the camp and quickly made friends with Anya and Viktoria. However, as she drew closer to the imposing mountains that had looked exciting from a distance, they began to appear scary and intimidating. She thought that climbing to the top would be an insurmountable challenge for her.

During the initial training session, when she had to wear a harness and attempt a practice run, Milana broke down, expressing discomfort with her prosthetic leg, which she had lost in a missile attack in Mariupol. Frustrated by her fear and physical pain, Milana even had arguments with her grandmother during this trying period. After some initial struggles, Milana gradually began to find enjoyment in her time spent with the other children at the camp. She decided to make a small bouquet for her grandmother, hoping it would be a gesture to make amends for her earlier rudeness and it did.

The turning point in Milana’s experience came when she participated in one of the camp’s activities that required her to venture into ice-cold water. Surprisingly, she not only braved the chilly waters but also relished the swim, during which she was embraced by a sense of camaraderie and acceptance and Milana finally discovered her place in the camp. In the cable car on the way to the starting point of their final trek, it was Milana who comforted her anxious grandmother, who was apprehensive about being suspended at such a height. Soon, holding hands with Nathan Schmidt, the founder of the Mountain Seed Foundation and the organizer of the camp, Milana embarked on her ascent to the mountain’s summit.

Nathan, a war veteran, found great satisfaction at this moment, as it was his mission to provide children like Milana with the opportunity to feel confident and invincible, to let them experience the joys of childhood that they had been deprived of. As they ascended, Milana noticed her grandmother trailing behind, and together, they marveled at their remarkable achievement of reaching the mountain’s peak despite all the adversities they had faced.

Where Are Milana and Her Mom Now?

Unfortunately, Milana lost her mother in the same missile attack that resulted in her losing her leg. On January 24, 2015, when Milana was only 2-years-old, her mother took her to work. At the time, they were residing in Mariupol. When her grandmother eventually found her, Milana’s leg had been severely injured under the debris. The depth of pain and suffering that the young child suffered following that day was beyond imagination.

Milana underwent her third corrective surgery in 2021 and has been residing in Bratislava with her grandmother as a war refugee. Her grandmother is like a second mother to her, providing love and support throughout their challenging journey. While it was initially difficult for Milana to accept her mother’s death, visiting her mother’s grave helped her come to terms with the loss. She holds the hope of one day returning to their home in Ukraine, and she longs for a lasting peace in her homeland. Much like her grandmother, she believes that Ukraine has much to offer to the world and deserves the opportunity to heal and share its beauty with others.

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