Candy Cane Lane Post-Credits: What Happens to Pepper? Who Runs Kringle’s Now?

Image Credit: Claudette Barius/Prime Video

Prime Video’s ‘Candy Cane Lane‘ follows the story of Chris Carver, whose Christmas is ruined when he gets fired on the day before the biggest holiday of the year. The only thing that can raise his spirits now is winning the Candy Cane Lane competition, which will get him $100,000. With that kind of money, he can do a lot of things for his family. What complicates things is that Chris makes a deal with an elf, though he doesn’t know what he’s getting into at the time. If he doesn’t complete the task the elf has given him, he will meet a terrible fate. In the post-credits scene, however, the tables are turned. SPOILERS AHEAD

Pepper Gets a Taste of Her Own Medicine

Image Credit: CLAUDETTE BARIUS/Prime Video

It is after making a deal with Pepper that Chris finds out about her real identity and purpose. Turns out, much like Chris, Pepper, too, was fired by, or rather, downgraded by her employer. There was a time when she was Santa’s favorite elf. But then, she took her job too seriously. When tasked with creating a list of people who had been nice and naughty, Pepper became too strict with the terms and threw almost everyone on the naughty list. This irritated Santa, and she was sent on stable duty, which she loathed, so she resigned from her job. However, this didn’t satisfy Pepper’s desire to punish people, which is why she came up with the idea of the curse.

Pepper didn’t care about anyone, and she didn’t care if the people she was turning into ceramic Christmas ornaments were actually bad or naughty. She was so stuck in her own idea of what Christmas should be that she forgot its true meaning. Initially, she might have done it to get Santa’s approval, but in the end, it becomes clear that she doesn’t care for Santa anymore. She kicks him in one scene, being extremely disrespectful. Despite that, when the dust settles and Pepper’s plans are foiled, Santa decides to take her to the North Pole and give her another chance, but it turns out that it’s a different North Pole than she imagined.

To make Pepper see the error of her ways, she needed to be punished. She needed to see what she was doing to the people she was turning into ceramics. So, Santa turned her into a ceramic Christmas ornament. Now, she has to spend some time like that until she realizes the error of her ways, and maybe then, she’ll be bumped up to stable duty, the very job she’d resigned from. Pepper tries to appeal to Santa’s emotions, but he hasn’t forgotten the kick and makes it clear that he won’t be changing his mind.

Kringle’s Gets a New Owner

Image Credit: CLAUDETTE BARIUS/Prime Video

At the beginning of the movie, Chris Carver is fired. However, with time, it becomes clear that he loves Christmas more than his job. He is deeply invested in the Candy Cane Lane competition and is obsessed with winning it. He likes to invest in it and do the hard work instead of simply buying inflatable decorations from the market and stuffing his house with them like his neighbor does. In fact, Chris is so obsessed with Christmas that he gave all three of his children Christmas-themed names. If that wasn’t enough to show his Christmas spirit, Chris and his family defeat Pepper and save the people she’d turned into ceramic dolls.

Considering his dedication to Christmas, it makes sense for Chris to work at a Christmas-themed shop, and what’s better at that than Kringle’s? When Chris first entered it, it was a dream come true for him. Now, with Pepper out of employment, Chris has the chance to take ownership of the place and run it like he wants to. This is his dream job, and considering how much trouble he went through in saving Christmas, it makes sense that he should get it.

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