Carlos Páez Rodríguez: Andes Plane Crash Survivor is Now a Grandfather

Image Credit: Carlitos Paez/Facebook

Based on the eponymous book by Pablo Vierci, Netflix’s ‘Society of the Snow,’ AKA ‘La Sociedad de la Nieve,’ has redirected the world’s attention towards the 1972 Andes plane crash. What makes the story stand out is the determination and courage of the survivors in a bid to return home. Carlos Páez Rodríguez, AKA Carlitos Paez, was one of these brave souls who gave it his all to ensure that he continued moving on. Now, the world wants to know the latest events in his life.

Who is Carlos Páez Rodríguez?

Born on October 31, 1953, Carlos Páez Rodríguez is the son of Carlos Páez Vilaró and a former member of the Old Christians Club rugby union team. The rugby player was 18 years old when he boarded Flight 571 alongside his teammates on October 12, 1972, not realizing that the 72 days of his life would test him in a way he could not have imagined. After the plane crash in the Andes on October 13, 1972, Carlos and his fellow survivors pinned their hopes on being spotted by rescue helicopters.

However, ten days into the search, the authorities called it off, given the high likelihood of there being no survivors. This turned out to be the furthest from the truth as a very determined set of individuals did what they could to overcome the snowy and barren landscape they were now trapped in. The task was far from easy, and Carlos was forced to consume human flesh in order to continue living. The courage showcased by him and his fellow survivors certainly did not go to waste. On December 22, 1972, Carlos was among the six people who were rescued after the world got to know about their miraculous survival thanks to the arduous journey made by Nando Parrado and Roberto Canessa.

Where is Carlos Páez Rodríguez Today?

In the aftermath of his rescue from the Andes, Carlos Páez Rodríguez earned worldwide recognition. The Uruguayan man was certainly open to sharing his story with the world while also trying to build a life for himself. In 1975, he graduated from Universidad del Trabajo del Uruguay with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree, with a specialization in technical agriculture. This is an industry he would remain a part of for almost a decade.

In January 1992, Carlos entered the world of advertising by becoming the Director of Nivel Publicidad. This led him to start his own company as a director, Rating Publicidad, in January 1993. In October 1993, Carlos left Nivel Publicidad and stayed with Rating Publicidad until February 2001. Additionally, he served as the Director of Bates Uruguay Publicidad. In January 2002, Carlos decided to start his namesake communication and public relations company that would help him continue his job as an international speaker.

Carlos has been quite open about his time in the Andes and earned fame due to it. In fact, the 1993 film ‘Alive,’ which is also based on the tragic Andes plane crash, has Carlos’ character as the narrator. The survivor has written a book of his own called ‘After the Tenth Day,’ which was released in 2003. More than anything, though, he enjoys being a father to Maria Elena de los Andes “Gochi” and Carlos Diego, along with being a grandfather to Mía, Justina, and Violeta. He also appears in one scene in ‘Society of the Snow’ as his father, Carlos Páez Vilaró, who reads out the names of the survivors on the phone after Parrado and Canessa are found in Chile.

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