Cassidy Laudano: Where is the Love Island USA Star Now?

Peacock’s ‘Love Island USA’ keeps the drama and excitement alive by introducing new contestants, or “bombshells,” who shake things up in the villa as singles seek love. In the sixth season, Cassidy Laudano created quite a stir as one of these bombshells. From the beginning, she made it clear that she was there to play the game and wouldn’t let emotions get in her pursuit of the best outcome for herself. Inside the villa, her brief but impactful stay left a lasting impression on the other contestants, and fans remember her for her straightforward and unapologetic approach.

Cassidy Laudano Left the Season in Tears

Introduced in the 13th episode as one of three new contestants, Cassidy Hayden Laudano quickly became the center of attention among the male contestants who scrambled to impress her. When asked about her interests, Cassidy mentioned she would explore her connection with Robert “Rob” Rausch, who was newly single and a prominent figure in the game. However, when allowed to choose a partner, she opted for Miguel Harichi, despite his existing connection with Liv; the two got to talking and began to enjoy each other’s company.

When it came time for the contestants to pair up for an upcoming challenge, Rob chose Cassidy as his partner, influenced by their earlier conversation, while Miguel paired up with Liv. However, their time together was brief as the following evening brought public voting results, which did not save Cassidy and Rob from elimination. The final decision fell to the remaining female contestants, who unanimously chose to save Liv over Cassidy. Disappointed and upset over the lack of support, Cassidy tearfully exited the season.

Cassidy is Managing Her Busy Schedule as an Influencer Today

Cassidy Laudano juggles a dynamic schedule as an influencer and a public relations manager. Her role at Spot Pet Insurance involves managing public relations and disseminating crucial information on pet health and wellness. This responsibility complements her thriving career in modeling and as a digital creator. In her January 2024 photoshoot with Dave, a reputed photographer from Miami, Florida, she returned to her rhythm of being in front of the camera.

In February 2024, she stayed at 1 Hotels, a chain known for sustainable luxury resorts, and secured paid partnerships with them. Collaborating with Divino Seas Swimwear for this project, she precisely executed her work using her trademark. In April 2024, she attended Coachella, using the event’s atmosphere of sand and music to enhance her social branding efforts and enjoy some relaxation. Despite her busy schedule, she continued her professional momentum by completing projects with two prominent clothing brands, Charo Ruiz Ibiza and Maison Cleo, in May 2024 and has remained immersed in her career ever since.

Cassidy Strongly Supports Animal Adoption

Cassidy is notably dedicated to healthy and sustainable living, embodying a mindful approach towards herself and others. She is a proud owner of two rescued dogs, Roo and Truffle, whom she adopted. Cassidy actively supports the “Adopt Don’t Shop” movement, advocating for adopting pets in need of homes rather than supporting breeders who may keep animals in unfavorable conditions. She lives by the values she promotes, regularly participating in initiatives encouraging adoption and showcasing her genuine belief in the cause.

Cassidy also frequently expresses her views on environmental protection and preservation, utilizing her platform to share valuable information that can guide people in making everyday decisions. Her deep connection to nature is evident in her frequent outdoor pursuits, whether on beaches, snow-covered mountains, or deserts, strengthening her advocacy. In May 2024, she participated in a workshop organized by the Little Life Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to assisting under-resourced children and their families in South Florida. Cassidy’s commitment to helping others shines through in such moments, highlighting her philanthropic endeavors.

Cassidy Has Gotten Closer to a Fellow Contestant From the Show

It seems Cassidy is moving in a romantic direction with one of her co-stars despite not finding a lasting connection on the show. In a July 2024 interview, Connor Newsum, who also left the season, mentioned that he and Cassidy have been communicating. They have been making plans together because of their proximity to Miami, Florida. In an interview, he said, “We got along really well. We had a lot in common. We had a few conversations that were just really easy and we work in the same career field. … We just had a lot of similar interests, love for animals… She’s really easy to talk to, she’s gorgeous and just fun to be around.” They also follow each other on social media. Thus, seeing if this mutual affinity for each other develops into something meaningful for Cassidy will be interesting.

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